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We are a USA manufacture of pizza oven parts and controls and have been in the controls business for over 19 years.  We focus on parts for oven rebuilders and manufactures of ovens.  All parts are new and have a 1-2 year warranty. Most of our controls are manufactured (and engineered) here in the USA and are still  priced below the lower quality import copies.  Oven rebuilders save 40-90% on every part on this page.
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The ® symbol designates a registered trademark of the respective company. We design our own products. We do not represent the oven manufacture or its distributors.
  Our Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

31020, 37337, 45133, 28074-0004, 28074-0012, 28074-00180, 42810-0133, 5823, 64149, 37503-(display only)  

May be used in the following models:

 PS360 Series(All)

PS200 Series (All)

PS300 Series (All)

PS570  Series (All)

PS555 Series (All),

Manual Mode for all other conveyor oven brand.



Digital motor speed control for Middleby 64149



New CTI Digital Speed Controller for ®Middleby Conveyor Ovens

  • Designed and manufacture by Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC (CTI)

  • Dip switch adjustment for most popular ovens

  • Manual adjustment mode for any conveyor oven using a DC motor

  • Smart Control 

  • Over current and stall protection.

  • Short circuit on motor terminals (bad motor) will not damage control. Every control is bench tested using a locked motor rotor.

  • Short circuit on speed sensor will not damage control.

  • Lead reversal on speed sensor will not damage control or sensor.

  • Short circuit (liquid) in/on display, will not damage control or display.

  • Torque sense circuit greatly reduces damage to conveyor belt and motors (from conveyor jams)

  • Built-in error logging, diagnostics and status display.

  • Additional features:

  • Instantaneous over-load shutdown

  • Extends life of conveyor belts, chains and gear boxes

  • Speed sensor diagnostics

  • Motor Brush Test   - ( New feature)

  • Test mode for conveyor & motor health

  • Ambient Temperature  monitoring for axial fans efficiency & health (2002)

  • Error Logging of last error- allows for remote diagnosis (over the phone). Techs can use this feature to repair the oven on the first trip.

  • Manufactured with extended temperature rating (221 F) on critical components

  Our Replacement for part#:  58323, 37337

 Engineering/Software/Boards/Metal Fab and Assembly all done here in the USA -

 Questions? We can answer any question and solve any conveyor problem. Call and talk to a design engineer.

 Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

  Call  for pricing - No Change in price since  2011 - You will save a minimum of 48%

  2 Year Limited Warranty

 Order Number: CTI-M-DigSpd

   Our Replacement conveyor motor (gray color) for:


 46603, 27384-0008,


47796 and 50265 (with the addition of the speed sensor below) 

Replaces ®Middleby# 66186 with the addition of sprockets and speed sensor below

Replaces Cybernetics# PROPRIETARY

 Middleby drive motor for 360 oven 27384-008, 47796

Original  Heavy Duty 1/8HP

Gear Drive Motor Replacement (Gray color) for ®Middleby Using 27384-0008 and 47796  - May be used in PS360, PS570 and PS350 Ovens

 Baldor original style gray colored drive motor for  PS300, PS350 and PS360 and most PS570 conveyor ovens (replaces part# 47796). Baldor is the original manufacture of the 1/8 HP motor used by ®Middleby on the (first generation) ovens starting in 1982 and the motor continued to be used for  ~ 20 years. This is the original heavy duty 11.2 lb. motor with large brushes, compared to the (1/22 HP) lighter (8 lb), motor sold in later years. With our motor the speed sensor is replaceable and is mounted externally with a hose clamp and the spinning magnet is visible. If you are replacing the black ®Bodine (not Baldor)  motor having the internal sensor, then you will need to order our external speed sensor (CTI-M-H1).  Baldor has built the gray motor Specification (shown)  for CTI since 2002. This original Baldor  ( G1 ) spec motor has been proprietary to CTI for more than a decade and is gray in color.   The gray original  style motor is the most popular motor and is still found on the majority of these ovens. The original Baldor motor for these ovens was never black.
  • 1/8 HP motor

  • Manufacture: Baldor

  • Color : Gray  - No other color is defined in the original spec 

  • Gear Ratio: 1400 to 1 

  • Weight 11.2 lbs. (Shipping Weight 12 lbs)

  • Brushes: Large - 0.25"W x  0.375"W x 0.6"L (long wear)

  • Origin: USA (made in USA)

  • Replaces ®Middleby# 46603, 27384-0008 as is (Baldor motors with external sensor).

  • Replaces ®Middleby# 47796 and 50265 (motors with internal sensor) with the addition of the speed sensor below

  • Replaces ®Middleby# 66186 (®Grolshop universal motor) with the addition of sprockets and speed sensor below.

   Special Price: $300 

   Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

 Order#: CTI-M-27384-008
  CTI Manufactured Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27170-0263, 97214, 46451
Also will replace PU-2E allowing for a different form fit.

Hall Speed Sensor 46451 for Middleby

5 Piece Kit

Motor Speed Sensor replacement for ®Middleby

This motor speed sensor is manufactured by CTI. Use with all original motors. Kit includes: Sensor, Bracket, Clamp, 4 pole magnet and Pal lock nut. Normally priced as kit. Sensor available separately. When comparing prices, specify either kit or sensor.  Designed and manufactured in the USA by Cybernetics Tech Industries ( CTI ).

Replaces ®Middleby#: 97214, 46451.

Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

Sensor assembly , Metal fab, Clamp, Magnet and Wire -All Made in USA

  Our List: $85 

 Two year warranty.

 Call for Price

Order#: CTI-M-H1

   Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27384-0011, 47797,  

Some pre 66186 with 1350:1 motor and original  hardware.


Replacment gear motor PS200 27384-0011

Gear Drive Motor Replacement  for ®Middleby PS200 Conveyor

New gear drive motor in stock for PS200, Extended bake split belt 570 and some 555 ovens. .These match the original motors used by ®Middleby(27384-0011) 

1350:1  Gear Ratio

Replaces 47797 with addition of hall sensor below.

Save 60% from list

Origin USA (Made in the USA by Baldor for CTI)

  Price: $250 

Order#: CTI-M-0011


  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27384-0011 repair kit,  with 1350:1  


CTI 27384-0011 gear motor repair kit for  use in many PS200 ovens

 CTI developed this gearbox repair kit in 2011 This kit will repair newer 27384-0011 motors with stripped gears (motor runs but drive shaft does not turn). This repair kit is intended for motors damaged from  accidents or incidents that have shortened the motors life to less than 3 years.   

Manufacture: Baldor - Per CTI published requirements - These are the actual Baldor components used to build our 0011 motor spec -

Download Repair Instructions. Copyrighted  (PDF)

Order#: CTI-M-0011-Repair-Kit

Price: $49

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27384-0014, 46447,47799  (with addition of speed sensor)  

Replacement motor Middleby  27384-0014

Gear Drive Motor Replacment for ®MiddlebyPS570 High Speed  Conveyor

 New gear drive motor in stock for PS570 split belt.  These are the original heavy duty motors used by ®Middleby(27384-0014) 

311:1  Gear Ratio

Replaces 47799 with addition of hall sensor below.

Origin USA (Made in the USA by Baldor)

 Call for pricing - Save 69%

Order#: CTI-M-0014

  Replacement for 250 Gear Motor:

Our replacement for: ®Middleby# 51059,        27384-0003


Middleby JS250 Motor 27384-0003

Gear Drive Motor for ®Middleby250 Conveyor Oven replaces part# 27384-0003

 New gear drive motor for all JS250 conveyor ovens

Gear Ratio:  600:1

  Dual output shafts

  Note: There is now a work-around  that will save you $100 - call for details 

 List $395

Origin USA (Made in USA by Baldor)

 Call for price - Save 69%

Order#: CTI-M-GM250

Replacement for: 22450-0001



31417 (PSWB70)

conveyor belt for Middleby

CTI Replacement for ®Middleby PS360#:



conveyor belt for Middleby

CTI Replacement for ®Middleby PS570 Part#:




conveyor belt for Middleby

Conveyor Oven Belt Replacement for Middleby Ovens

 Find the belt for your oven using the Conveyor Oven Belt Selection Tool


  • Non Catch Edging

  •  32" belt  is actually 31-7/8" Wide  and used for  PS360, PS570

  •  Other sizes are in stock for PS360WB.360XWB, and split belt ovens

  •  Origin USA (Made in the USA) 

  •  Guaranteed best price

  •  Full length belt (14.5 ft. long for PS360  or 17.5ft long for  PS570) 

  •  Free master links  


 32" x 14.5 ft. length belt for 360 ovens

PS360  Belt - Price: $180  

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-32 -360


  1 ft. - 32" Wide  Price: $25

 Order#:CTI-Belt-32- 1ft


 32" x 17.5 ft. length belt for 570 ovens

 PS570 Belt Price: $230

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-32 -570


 40"  x  14.5 ft. Belt For PS360WB

 PS360WB Belt - Price: $260

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-WB


 40"  x  17.5 ft. Belt For PS360WB70

 PS360WB70 Belt - Price: $305

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-WB70


 15"  x  17.5 ft. Belt For PS570 Split Belt ovens

 PS570 Split Belt -  Price: $145

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-15"

  CTI Replacement Part for: Splice Clips or Master links ®Middleby#


   Master Links for Oven Belts replaces 42400-0089

Master Link Splice Kits Set  for 15". 18", 24", 32", 40" Oven Belts

 Also Available for Wide Body  

 6 Piece Set  

  Origin USA

 Price: $10/per set  (With $100 order)

Order#: CTI-M-Belt-ML-32

  Our Replacement for: ®Middleby#

36510, 27170-0016  (Note: Relay Only - Does not include wire or adapter terminals)

Time  Delay Relay Replaces Part#: 36510
Click for Larger Image

CTI  Time Delay Relay for ®Middleby Ovens

  Most PS360, PS200,PS224, PS300, PS310, PS350

  Relay as shown  (Crimp Terminals & Adapters Not Included) 

  • 1/4" Male Spade Terminals
  • Top terminals: Relay Contact
  • Bottom terminals: 24V Input Control
  • Contacts: 25A @120VAC
  • UL Listed
  •  Recommended for use with Honeywell ignition module

 Origin: US based company / Manufactured in China.

 Price: Call with $100 order

 Order#: CTI-M-TDR

  ABB Replacement for: ®Middleby# 28041-0008    (110V coil PS360, PS200 570S) Contactor for Middleby 28041-0008 and 28041-0011
120V Coil

ABB Contactor Replacement for  ®Middleby Ovens

 Most PS360, PS200,PS224, PS300, PS310, PS350, PS570S

 Original OEM Contactor Manufacture: ABB  A12-30-10   as shown

  • 4 Pole
  • 120V Coil  
  • 25 Amp
  • 50 60 Hz
  • UL - Listed 

  Order#: CTI-M-C1   ( 120V coil )  

 Price: Call  - Save 53%

 ABB Replacement for:

®Middleby:28041-0011  (220V coil)

ABB A12-30-10,   570G/

Contactor for Middleby 28041-0008 and 28041-0011
2220V Coil

ABB Contactor Replacement for ®Middleby Ovens

 Most  PS570G

 Original OEM Contactor Manufacture: ABB  A12-30-10   as shown

  • 4 Pole
  • 220V coil
  • 25 Amp
  • 50 60 Hz
  • UL - Listed 

  Order#: CTI-M-C2   ( 220V coil )    

Price:  Call - Save 53%

Exact Replacement Part for:
Replaces original Honeywell S8600H
®Middleby# 27161-0005 (PS360 EWB)
 (PS200, PS360,  PS555, PS570)

31501  (PS360EWB,  PS360WB70)

35-605303-111   35-630200-007

Older ignition module for Middleby

Early model Honeywell  S8600H Ignition Module

Ignition Module for Middleby 42810-1114

Later Model Honeywell S8600H Ignition Module

Honeywell Ignition Control  Module for ®Middleby Ovens  S8600H   (Not a U Module) 

  • Original  Honeywell#  8600H ignition nodule used in the PS ovens for 20+ years
  • Replaces Fenwal :35-605303-111
  • Replaces many ignition spark modules for XLT ovens
  •  Factory set with the correct prepurge , trial  and other parameters ( This module has no user settings)  - Not a U furnace module 

Latest Download 2010 - 2011 service manual (Note: Error codes on pages 12, 13 &14 ) Honeywell Ignition Module (PDF)

*Warning: Do not use an ignition module that does not match the module in your oven  (without first consulting the manufacture).   Using the wrong module may disable critical safety features (time delays) that are built into the oven. This module is for Middleby ovens using Honeywell  S8600H ignition modules. 

Universal furnace modules are NOT the same module. Do not pay more for a lower value module, that can be set-up wrong. The ignition module logic, controls the Pizza Oven's gas and pilot light. A universal ignition module can be configured to operate with the wrong specification and can be unsafe.   Keep in mind that the controls in the oven are easily accessable by an employee or pizza maker and flipping a dip switch on the ignition module will change the modules configuration.  There are no dip switches on the (factory configured) original  H module (that we supply).  

 Original Honeywell modules were used in ®Middleby ovens for the past 25- 30 years



 Manufacture: Honeywell  / Assembled in Mexico

 Price: $85 Each

Order#: CTI-M-IM  

 Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27170-0017




Tyco 400-01C02K

Basler BE110920


Fits: PS200,PS360,PS570


Transformer 24V  for Middleby 27170-0017

Transformer Replacement  for  ®Middleby Ovens

  • 24 volt output at 20VA  
  • Supply for  24V ignition module and gas valve  (CTI-M-IM = 0.1A)  +  (CTI-M-GV= 0.5A)  ~ 14.4VA
  • 110v input
  • Compact Size
  • Dimensions: 1.88"D  x 3.25"W x 1.6"H
  • 2.8"  Foot Mount
  • 9" wire leads 
  • UL Listed.
  • Manufactured for CTI
  • Class 2 energy limited (limited current when output is shorted ). Class 2 is required for this application.

 Origin: US Manufacture / Assembled in Mexico.

 Price: call  - Save 83%

 Order#: CTI-M-T24V

  Ignition cable replacement  for: 27159-0012 AAS39480130 394801-30 39480130
Ignition Cable Replaces: 27159-0012

 Ignition Cable Replacement

  • Connects between ignition module and the pilot ignitor
  • Length: 34"
  • Straight spark plug boot one end
  • 1/4" female quick spade plug on one end
  • Also available with right angle boot
  • Assemble in USA with USA cable - silicone/copper/nickel

 Origin USA (Made in USA)   - We will verify origin with a signed statement

 Price: Call  - Save 75%

  Order#: CTI-M-IC 

  Replacement part for:  ®Middleby# 42810-0117, 345A1305 27363-0002, 27363-000,
Ignitor  42810-0117

 Replacement Pilot Igniter for ®Middleby


  • Fits most ®Middleby oven models
  • Mfg. Honeywell
  • Natural Gas -  (If LP specify when ordering) 
  • Includes Orifice for natural gas
  • 1/4" C.C. Inlet Fitting 

  Honeywell  / Assembled in Mexico

 Price: Call

 Order#: CTI-M-PI

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#28091-0017 Solenoid valve for Middleby 28091-0017

Solenoid Valve Replacement for ®Middleby Ovens 

  • Same OEM MFG part #: H91DA-8
  • Used in many PS200, PS220FS,PS224,S250, PS300,PS310, PS314,PS350,PS360, PS360Q, PS360WB,PS570S ovens
  • 1/2"  Nat - LP PSI input/output
  • 120V 60HZ AC - 4 ft. wire ending in pigtails
  • Includes bypass openings - For use with ovens having bypass fittings and plumbing

Origin USA (Made in USA)   - We will verify origin for lower export dutues

 Typical Internet List : $51

   Price: Call

  Order#: CTI-M-SV  

  CTI replacement Part for: ®Middleby#  42810-0121

Replaces Honeywell VR8204A21421 

Honeywell Gas Valve

Honeywell Dual Valve Intermittent Pilot Combination Gas Valve replacement for  Most ®Middleby Ovens

  • CTI Replacement for Honeywell#  VR8204A
  • 1/2" NPT inlet and  1/2" NPT outlet
  • Used in PS200, PS224, PS310, PS360, PS360WB,PS360WB70, PS570 (non modulating)
  • 20,000 Btuh Min
  • 200, 000 Btuh Max
  • 150,000 Btuh capacity at 1 in. wc 24V, 60hz

*Warning: NEVER use a gas valve  that does not match the part number of the module in your oven (without first consulting the manufacture). Using the wrong valve may disable critical safety features that are built into the oven. This valve is for Middleby ovens only. Sales will be limited to qualified companies. 

 Replaces #42810-0121

  Honeywell/Assembled in Mexico


  Order#: CTI-M-GV  

  Aftermarket replacement Part for: ®Middleby#  32569

Replaces Honeywell VR8305 Intermittent

 Replacment for gas valve for A.O. Smith water heaters

Honeywell Gas Valve

Honeywell 3/4" Input /Output Dual Valve Intermittent Pilot Combination Gas Valve replacement for  extra Wide Body and WB70 ®Middleby Ovens

  • CTI Replacement for Honeywell#  VR8305
  • 3/4" NPT inlet and  3/4" NPT outlet
  • Used in PS360EWB, PS360WB70
  • 300,000 Btuh capacity at 1 in. wc 24V, 60hz

*Warning: NEVER use a gas valve  that does not match the part number of the module in your oven (without first consulting the manufacture). Using the wrong valve may disable critical safety features that are built into the oven.  Sales will be limited to qualified companies. 

  Honeywell/Assembled in Mexico

 Price: Call

  Order#: CTI-M-GV-EWB  

  Replacement Part for: PS360,  Decal overlay

PS360 Front Panel Overlay

Our Replacement Control Panel Overlay for ®Middleby PS360 Ovens

  • Made from (back printed) heavy duty Lexan
  • Withstands abuse and warm temperatures
  • Save 60%
  • Heavy Lexan overlay with 3M adhesive - Not  bumper sticker material.
  • Other materials tend to crack/bubble from the warm environment.
  • Notice: ®Lexan is a registered trade mark
  • Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

  Price:  $15

Order#: CTI-M-DECAL  

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby 273960004  Heat Slinger for Blower motor 273960004

CTI Heat Slinger for ®Middleby Main Blower Used in PS300, PS350, PS310 and PS360 Ovens

  • Mounts between motor and blower wheel
  • 4  3/4"  Diameter
  • 7/8" Bore

 Price: $18

Order#: CTI-M-HS

CTI Replacement Part  for ®Middleby part#: 22523-0003 (CC, previously: 27170-0070,

CW Wheel replacement for part #: 22523-0002, previously :27170-0069 

Fits: PS300, PS310,PS350,PS360




Middleby Blower wheel 27170-002

Click to View Larger Image of Clockwise Wheel

To identify your wheel direction - See photo of CW Wheel above

 Our same specification for 15 years  


 CTI Blower Wheels to fit  ®Middleby PS360 Ovens  

  • Used in PS  300, 310, 350, and 360 series ovens.
    Stainless steel construction - Cast iron hub  (turned down)
  • We have been selling the same wheel from our current US manufacture for over 15 years
  • Balancing weights are welded in place
  • Well balanced  = Low Vibration
  • Available in both clockwise and counterclockwise configurations.
  • Made in USA
  • Spun balanced  at oven motor RPM
  • Double boxed  with 2 " of  packing between box sides (you will absolutlely receive a straight & balanced wheel).

   0002 ClockWise and 0003 Counter Clock Wise

 Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

 Order#: CTI-M-22523-0003CC  

  (For Top Left / Bottom Right blower)

 Order#: CTI-M-22523-0002CW  

 (For Top Right / Bottom Left blower)

 Price :  $80     2 @$75 Each 

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 31485 for Clockwise


31486 for Counter Clockwiase 

Fits WB70 and XWB Ovens


Blower wheel replaces: 31486

In Stock  

 CTI Blower Wheels for ®Middleby WB70  & Extra Wide Body Pizza Ovens

  • Use in 360WB70 Series ovens
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cross bracing rods
  • Welded balancing clips.
  • Available in both clockwise and counterclockwise configurations.
  • 9-15/16" W  x 6-1/8" H     7/8" Keyed shaft
  • Save 70% 
  • Origin USA

 Price: Call  Save 78%

 Order#: CTI-M-BW-WB70-CC  

Order#: CTI-M-BW-WB70-CW 

 CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby: 27381-0023

Blower motor also available for the following ovens:

360Q ovens: 27381-0054

PS200 1/3HP (short shaft): 27381-0066

PS540,536 1/2HP (short shaft): 44687



Replacment Blower motor for Middleby PS360 27381-0023









Main Blower Replacement for ®Middleby  oven models:  PS300, PS350, PS310 and PS360

  • 1/3 HP
  • 1725/1425  RPM
  • 208-230VAC
  • 60/50 HZ
  • 23.1 lbs (not a 19 lb lightweight)
  • Extended Insulation Temperature
  • Reversible  Rotation
  • Q motor also available

Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

Price: $195  

Order#: CTI-M-MB0023


Blower motor replacement for 360Q ovens with 27381-0054 (blue) motor

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Note: This motor also works on Blodgett MG32 (M1142)

Price: $195

Order#: CTI-M-MBQ


 CTI Replacement part for # 27381-0075
used in  360 Wide Body ovens 1/2HP: 

PS540,536 1/2HP (short shaft): 44687 - Modification required



Replacment Blower motor for Middleby PS360 27381-0075





CTI Main Blower for Wide Body 360 (360WB)

  • 1/2 HP
  • 1725 RPM
  • 208-230VAC
  • 60 HZ
  • Extended Insulation Temperature
  • Reversible  Rotation

Origin USA (Made in USA)  

 Price: $230

Order#: CTI-M-MB-WB

  CTI direct  PS570 blower motor - Replacement for  part#: 27381-0069, 273810069,


Replacement Main Blower for Middleby PS470 273810069

 CTI 1HP  Main Blower Motor Replacement for ®Middleby 570 Ovens - Includes Start/Run Caps

  • 1 HP
  • 1725  RPM
  • 208/230VAC
  • 60 HZ
  • Singe Phase
  •  Includes Start and Run Capacitors
  • UL Certified
  • CSA Certified
  • Designed and priced for OEM Manufactures and PS570 Rebuilders

  Note: Don't be charged for capacitors that should be included with the motor.

 Origin USA (Made in the USA)  -  Verifiable

 Price: $280  -  Includes Start and Run Capacitors

 Order#: CTI-M-MB570

  Replacement for part#:  27170-0269(black)
 27170-0270 (silver)

USA Upgrade for:
6FLV3, 2MEC8

Start & Run Capacitors for PS570 Main Blower

CTI Replacment Start and Run Capacitors for PS570 Main Blower Motor

  • Includes:
  • Qty One: 540-648 mfd  or 400-480mfd  125V  Start Capacitor (Black)  USA
  • Qty One  25mfd 370VAC Run Cap (Silver)   USA/Mx - Genteq
  • UL CSA Certified

 Origin : Black Capacitor - USA,    Silver Capacitor Genteq / Assembled in Mexico

  Price: $20  for Run  (Silver)  and  $10 for Start (Black) Capacitor  

 * Note:  Capacitors should be changed in pairs     

 Order#: CTI-M-MB570-Caps  (both capacitors $30)

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby 31432,

Image Soon-  WB70 Main Blower

   Main Blower Motor for PS360WB70 and PS360EWB

  • 1 HP
  • 115/208-230V
  •  50/60HZ
  • 7/8" Diameter Long Shaft Motor
  • 1725 RPM

 Price: Call - Save  70%  New Stock Feb 2018

 Order#: CTI-M-MB-WB70

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby 27381-0066,


Replacemnt for Main Blower for PS200

  • 1/3 HP,  200/240V, 50/60HZ, 1725 RPM

Price: Call

Order#: CTI-M-MB200

  CTI Replacement for # 62069, NP-23T, 128441 , 22072-0017, 22072-0028, 70126


Replacment Pillow Block Bearing for PS570  27381-0066



Image of actual bearing    ( 1-7/16" bore )

Pillow Block Bearing for  PS55E, PS555G, PS570, PS760, PS770 and PS870

  • 1-7/16" ID
  • Air Handling rated
  •  Cast Iron Pillow Block Bearing
  • Concentric Clamp Collar Shaft Attachment
  • High Temperature Synthetic Lube
  • MFG: Dodge USA
  • Both bearings must be changed at the same time

 Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

  Price: Call  - Both bearings must be changed -Sold in Pairs

 Order#: CTI-M-PB570

CTI Replacment for # 22072-0025, 60636 Sealmaster: NPL-10   5/8"shaft

 Replacement also available for 22230-0073, 51077 pulley

Replacment Pillow Block Bearing for PS200  27381-0066

Image of actual bearing  ( 5/8" bore )

 Pillow Block Bearing for  PS200, PS224, PS224, PS540

  • 5/8" ID
  • Air Handling Cast Iron Pillow Block Bearing
  • High Temperature Synthetic Lube
  • MFG: Dodge USA
  • Both bearings must be changed at the same time

 Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

  Price: $51

 Order#: CTI-M-PB200

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

42810-0073, 73287 , 702111803 ,

 27170-0011, Garland 1614706


Replacment Burner Blower for Middleby PS360 27170-0011

Replacement Burner Blower Motor for®Middleby part 73287, 27170-0011, 42810-0073 for PS360, PS570 Pizza Ovens

Original  style Fasco brand draft inducer has been used in ®Middleby ovens for 20+ years.  We have stayed with the Fasco brand  (USA) and our price is  about 1/3 the price of the imported blower. The Fasco brand was original to most od the gas ovens including the PS360 ovens and also the 570 up until the last few years. The Fasco brand is currently still found  in  nearly  every PS350 and PS360 amd many PS570 conveyor ovens.  The Fasco burner bloweris a plug and play replacment. Our blower is the closest match to the original blower you now have in your oven.  Imorts are often a little larger and also more expensive.

 Our product includes the following features:

  • Manufactured for CTI by Fasco  since 2003
  • Ball Bearing design.
  • Integrated centrifigul switch
  • Mechanical form fit   - No mods - Plug and play
  • Meets all original electrical and performance requirements
  • Integrated cooling fan
 We also have Ignition-blowers for ®Lincoln and Blodgett ovens.

 Origin: USA  (Assembled in Cassville, MO USA)

  Large quantity in stock - Our inventory is our own stock and the quantities we advertise are honest numbers

  Many blowers are no longer the Fasco brand,.   Our blower brand is clearly visible (Fasco).

 Price:  $80  

Order#: CTI-M-BB

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

32195,  71624164


71624164 replacement

Ignition blower WB70


Combustion Motor Replacement for Obsolete older Midco used on ®Middleby 360WB70 and 360EWB -

  Fasco burner motor replacment for some PS360WB70 and somePS360EWB ®Middleby pizza conveyor ovens using Midco Burners.
  • Fasco/CTI
  •  1/4" shaft
  •  Length: 6.5" + shaft
  •  1 Amp
  • Motor  without blower
  • Value added product -  1-2 day-  Call

 Origin - Assembled in Mexico

 Price:  $150 

Order#: CTI-M-BBM-WB70

  Our Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 33984,31450-1.33812-1,28071-0001,28100-0001

Thermocouple Replaces Middleby 33984
3 Piece Kit

 Thermocouple Temperature Probe Kit Replacment for ®Middleby Pizza Ovens: PS300,350,PS360 and PS570 Ovens

 Save 70% 

 Temperature probe including integrated mounting disc and stainless mounting kit.

  Probe Length 6" (measured from mounting flange to tip)

 Two  wire plus shield drain wire ( 3 wire probe )

 Replaces ®Middleby33984

 Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Price : $35

 Order#: CTI-M-TC-J

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

33985, 338122,



Thermocouple replaces Middleby 33985
3 Piece Kit 13" probe

13" Thermocouple Temperature Probe Kit for ®Middleby 200, 220 and 224 Ovens

Three lead probe with integrated mounting disc and stainless mounting kit. Save 70% off of MFG list.

Probe Length  13" (measured from mounting flange to tip)

Replaces ®Middleby33985

Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Call for our price

Order#: CTI-M-TC-J-13

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#33985, 338122,




Thermocouple Wire

100 Ft  Spool

 Pizza Oven J Type Shielded Thermocouple Wire

  • J Type - Shielded (Ground Braid).
  • High Temperature
  • Fiberglass Sheeting
  • 100 '  Spool
  • Wire only ( Not a Probe )

 Origin USA (Made in USA)

  Price: $125

Order#: CTI-M-TCJ-100Ft-Wire-Spool

CTI replacement  temperature controls for  most conveyor ovens Including:
Middleby: 47321 for PS360,PS570.PS200
Blodgett 3329, Blodgett 3149,
 UE oven controls, L9696, E3200,
4C-3,36939, 47321,
HonHoneywell UDC2500, UDC2300, DCBBC-00-3S,DCMMC-00-0B


Dialpack (First generation Honeywell/Middleby)  align="center" Blodget Temp cpontrol


Early Digital control for Middleby

Honeywell / Middleby - UDC Model  (15 +Years ago)

Honeywell Temperature control

Latest Model Honeywell Control replaces 47321

 Pizza Oven Temperature Controller Replacement for Most Pizza Ovens including ®Middleby Marshall

We have in replacements in stock and can also custom design a control for most existing pizza ovens including: Middleby, Lincoln and Blodgett. Controls from CTI and Honeywell and other US manufactures.


Note: We do not sell the low quality import controls. We have tested many of the controls and each has a failure mode that is unsafe. These controls were never designed to be used in pizza ovens and are missing two critical safety circuits along with failure mode software. The imported replacements are purchased for $80 to $120 and often sell for prices of $250 to $400, which creates an incentive to sell the inferior replacements. These controls typically fail at about 3 years old. We found the typical failure state is with the oven's heat turned on.   If you are replacing a control in a Middleby oven  be sure the control you are buying is a Honeywell control.


Featured product: (CTI-M-UDCBBC) Three function Honeywell control. Includes:  temperature control, high limit safety and cool-down mode. Two piece design. In most cases there is no wiring required (plug-in from the front of the oven) Easily replaces other Honeywell controls. and some Blodgett

- Requires three wire shielded thermocouple (standard thermocouple for past 20+ years). See: CTI-M-TCJ

 1 Year Limited Warranty 

  Order: CTI-M-UDCBBC 

    Call  for pricing:    


  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27392-0002,  ®Blodgett# M2469

 ®Lincoln# 369124, 














Fan Guard/Filter/Cover: 3102458




Axial cooling fan replaces 27392-0002 















 fan covers and guards



 110VAC 4.69" x 4.69" x 1.5" Axial Blower Fan 

  This is a premium cast aluminum fan with motor quality ball bearings for the price of  a sleeve type fan at Grainger
  • Ball Bearing type
  • 111 CFM air volume
  • Terminal style connector
  • 81-125VAC  
  • US UL listing
  •  4.69" x 4.69" x 1.5"
  • Origin China

  Did you know ...  the CTI Speed control will diagnose a bad fan in your oven? 

  Replaces ®Middleby27392-0002, M2469.
 Our List $10.00

  Origin China

 Order#: CTI-A-FAN


 Price Each
1-19  ( with $100 order) $10
20   (1/2 case) $9
40  ( 1 case) $8
80+ Call


contact us for information on controllers for restaurant equipment


Fan Finger Guards (Metal )   $2 each  with $100 min

Origin China

Order#:  CTI-A-MG

Fan Guard/Filter/Cover  $2 each with $100 min

Order#: CTI-A-FG

  Replacement Part for:

  ®Lincoln 369378

 ®Middleby# 97525, 22450-0258,




axial cooling fan

 230VAC 120mm x 120mm x 38 (4.69" x 4.69" x 1.5") Axial  for Conveyor Ovens

  • 115 CFM
  • Ball Bearing Rotor
  • Quick Connector Terminals
  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • 5 Blade Fan
  • List $100
  • 230V AC voltage
  • Origin - China

 Call (number at bottom of page) for more information

 Order#: CTI-A-FAN-230V

  Price: $10, 20@$9, 40@ $8

  Replacement  fan for:

  ®Middleby# 36451

For use in: PS360EWB, PS360WB70 , PS5206, PS528,PS536PS636,PS540



Axial cooling fan for PSWB70

 Round Axial Fan  230VAC 150mm x 55mm  (6" x  2.2") Replaces the fan found in ®Middleby WB70, PS360EWB

  • Size: Round  150mm x 150mm x 55mm (5.9" x 2.17")
  • Airflow: 223.6 CFM
  • Voltage: 230VAC
  • Brand: EBM-PAPST
  • Rotor Type: Ball Bearing
  • Housing: Cast Aluminum
  • Number  of Fan Blades:  5
  • Power Connection: Terminals
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Origin:  Not marked - unknown

 Price:  $75

 Order#: CTI-A-FAN-WB70

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27159-0003


Axial Fan Plug/Cord


  CTI Axial Fan Cord with Plug

  • Fan Cord - 90 deg plug. 60"long, 
  • High temp wire (221 Deg F)
  •  UL, CSA    

 Origin China

 $3.90 Each  10@ $3.50 ( with $100 order)

Order#: CTI-A-Cord-90

  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby#


Pivot Plate 35900-0169

 Conveyor Pivot Plate Replacement for ®Middleby Ovens

  • 4.25" Long  x 0.89" Wide x .13" Thick
  • Fits oven models  PS310 PS360 PS360WB

 Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

 Typical List $7.50  - Call for price 

 Call for pricing

 Order#: CTI-M-CP


 CTI Drive shaft to replace part: 35000-1012  used in Ovens: PS200, PS360, PS540, PS555, PS570, PS670, PS770, PS870

Drive Shaft PS360  35000-1012 

Drive Shaft  (Drive end ) for  32" wide ovens

 CTI Conveyor Drive Shaft Replacement   -  Fits PS360, PS200 and PS570 ®Middleby Ovens

    33" L  x 0.75"W, 0.62" W step both ends  (not tapered)

  • Fits oven models  PS200,PS360 and PS570
  • Use with Shaft Adaptor (above) and Bushing (below)

 Origin USA   - We will verify origin with a signed statement

 Price: $75 

 Order#:CTI-M-CDS   ( 32 7/8"L Conveyor Drive Shaft)


CTI Idler shaft to replaces#: 35000-1011 (not shown)




Idler Shaft (not shown)  -  Idler end  of 32" wide ovens

   CTI Conveyor Idler Shaft replacement for  PS360 PS200 and PS570 ®Middleby Ovens

  • Fits oven models  PS200,PS360 and PS570

 Origin USA  

Price: $60

Order#: CTI-M-CIS  (Conveyor Idler Shaft)


 CTI Replacement Wide Body Drive shaft

40" wide ovens

360WB replaces 35000-1864

Drive Shaft PS360  35000-1012 

Drive Shaft for 40" WB Ovens

 CTI Drive Shaft Replacement for PS360WB Ovens

    41" L  x 0.75"W, 0.62" W step both ends  (not tapered)

  • Fits oven models  PS360WB
  • Use with Shaft Adaptor (above) and Bushing (below)

 Origin USA   - We will verify origin with a signed statement

 List $160.00

 Price: Call ($100 minimum order applies)

 Order#:CTI-M-CDS-40   (Full 41"L Conveyor Drive Shaft)  


CTI replacement for  Wide Body Idler shaft

40" wide ovens

360WB replaces 35000-1865


Idler Shaft for 40" WB Ovens

Not Shown

 Idler Shaft Replacement for PS360WB Ovens

    41" L  x 0.75"W, 0.62" W step both ends  (not tapered)

  • Fits oven models  PS360WB
  • Use with Bushing (below)

 Origin USA  

 List $245.00

 Price: $90  ($100 minimum order applies)

 Order#:CTI-M-CDS-40   (Full 41"L Conveyor Idler Shaft)  

  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby#

 35000-1013 , 3500-1013

 Middlenby Shaft Adaptor replacment for 3500-1013


 CTI Conveyor Shaft Adapter replacement for ®Middleby PS Ovens  

  2.66" long  stub drive shaft

 Stainless Shaft Adaptor fits oven models  PS360 PS360WB PS570

 Origin USA   (MADE IN US)  - We can verify origin for export


 Save 80%

  Price: $7.50   

 Order#: CTI-M-SA


 Sprocket to replace:



Replacment Sprocket: 22152-0017 

 CTI Sprocket - Replacement for PS360 and 570 Ovens  

  • 9 Tooth
  • 5/8" bore
  • # 40 Chain
  • Fits onto shaft adaptor above

 Origin: German Manufacture - Unknown Origin

  Typical List:   $8

 Price:  call



 CTI Sprocket to replace ®Middleby:



Sprocket replacemetn: 22152-0018 

 CTI Sprocket replacement for  ®Middleby PS360 and 570 Ovens  

  • 15 Tooth
  • Fits onto our gear motor 
  • 5/8" bore
  • # 40 Chain
  • Fits onto gear motor drive shaft

   Typical List  $12

 Origin: German Manufacture  - Unknown Origin

  Call for price



 Roller Chain to  replace:



Chain replacment: 31000-0037S 

 CTI  #40 Roller Chain for PS360  

  • # 40
  • 52 links  plus connecting link  or  10 ft. with connecting link
  • Use with sprockets above
  • Quality chain  also used by the green tractor manufacture

 Typical List  $13

  Our List $10 for 52 links  or $15 for 10ft  (with $100 minimum order)

 Call for price


  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby#


Bushing bearing replaces: 22034-0003

 Conveyor Bronze Bushing Replacement for ®Middleby PS  Conveyor Ovens

  Dimensions: 5/8" Inside, 3/4" Outside, 1" Flange   Fits oven models  PS360, PS360WB, PS570, PS200

 Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with a signed statement

 Price  $0.65

 Minimum 12 pieces with $100 min order

 Order#: CTI-M-CB

  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby# 35000-1080


Nylon Washer

 CTI Conveyor Nylon Washer

  Dimensions:    0.75"ID  1.25" OD    also available  0.75" ID  1.5" OD

  Fits oven models  PS360, PS360WB, PS570, PS200

 Origin USA (Made in USA) 

  Price: $0.5 with $100 order

 Order#: CTI-M-NW

Our replacment fore part#:  22011-0013,

Shaft collar: replaces 22011-0013

USA Product is In Stock!
Typical Import part shown above
Click on photo to see USA part

5/8" Stainless Steel Shaft Collar Replacement

  Dimensions:  5/8” inside, ½”w x 1.125” overall replaces shaft collar on PS350, PS360WB, PS570, PS200

   5/8” stainless shaft collar.

   Your choice:   The USA product (Origin USA)  or  the China product  (Origin China)

  The CTI  USA product is specifically designed for the shaft adaptor/drive shaft and has  improved clamping ability over imported products and is well worth the extra dollar.  - We can verify origins for export

 Order#: CTI-M-SC-China  Price $2.80 - In Stock
 Order#: CTI-M-SC-USA  - Price $3.80 - In Stock

  Our replacement for:  ®Middleby# 35900-0020


Replaces support bracket: 35900-0020

  Shaft Support Bracket for use in PS570 and PS536

 PS570, PS536 

 Origin USA (Made in USA)  - Verifiable origin - Qualifies for preferred trade status to some countries

 Typical List $5.50   

  Call for pricing  (with $100 minimum order)

 Order#: CTI-M-SSB

   Our Replacement for:  ®Middleby# 37000-0413


Weldment 37000-0413
Click for Larger

  Weldment- Idler Tension adjustment  Bracket - L Bracket

   Fits : PS200 ,PS360, PS360WB, PS570

  Weld-less Design  - No welds to break - Milled to spec.

 100%  Stainless Steel  - Nice finish 

 Origin USA (Made in USA)    All USA products can be verified for Origin documentation

 Price: $18 

 Order#: CTI-M-TA-WM

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#




35210-0640   Drive Shaft Extender  5/8"

Select for LargerView

Gear Drive Motor Shaft Extender. May be used for PS570S 

 Extends the length of a 5/8" gear motor shaft

 Overall length 2"  - Adds 1" to gear motor drive shaft length"

 5/8" female (with set screw)  to  5/8" male (with flat)

  Fits CTI-M-27384-0008 motor above. 

  May also be used for Lincoln  ovens  requiring long shaft drive motor 

 Shipping weight: 0.2 lb.

 Origin USA (Made in the USA) 

 Call  for pricing  ($100 total order min)

 Order#: CTI-M-SE

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# M28021-0047, 28021-0047, 63909


Door safety switch  replaces 28021-0047

Old Photo of  Original Cherry Switch

Our new (current) switch is the manufacture/ part number currently used by OEM (same as photo below except mushroom pull actuator)

Switch for ®Middleby 360 Service Door

  Replaces Middleby# 28021-0047  - Same manufacture/number

   Fits PS360, PS570

   16A/12A  125/250V

  N.O. -2Pole -Momentary - Push or Pull to Close Switch ( includes cheater option)


 $5.00 Each (with $100 order)


  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# M28021-061, 63910


Replacement for Middleby Door switch 63910

CTI-M-SWDR  Photo: 2017

Switch for ®Middleby 570 Motor Service Door - Our Replacment for 28021-061 , 63910

  Replaces PS570  Door Switch - Motor access

  NO-2Pole  Momentary - Push to Close Switch - (no cheater  option)

   16A/12A  125/250V

 $5.00 Each (with min order)

Order#: CTI-M-SW-MD

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#
44696, 44697,

46522, 46521 (nut type)  27060-0012, 27060-0015, 44696, 28021-0062, 28021-0063, 28021-0044, 28021-0048, 28021-0053, 28021-0039,
Graing 4B696,6HN36

Selector switch replacement for Midleby PS360,PS570

Click for larger image
Assembly can hold 1 or 2 contacts

Contact block Teknic

Click for larger image
Contact Block (switch)

Teknic brand  - Best quality - We display our brand

Be careful of the copy sold at a higher price.

 Control Panel Switch Assembly Replacement for ®Middleby

  This is the clamping style from Teknic.  It does not use the large holding nut that can work loose.

 Includes 3 components: Selector Knob, Mounting Frame and 10Amp N/O Contact Block (switch) - UL Certified.

  We have sold this 3 component switch assembly for over 10 years. Proven reliability

  Replaces Middleby Part# 44697, 28021-0062 (knob) and 27060-0012 (switch). Save up to 77% 

 Switches are UL, CE, SA certified  - The cert file numbers are available for your product certification. 

 There are  counterfeit Teknic and Telemechanique switches  being sold . See example of  Telemechanique  counterfeit 

 Includes control knob, mounting frame and 10Amp N/O contact block (switch) - UL Certified.

  Note: Also Available for Blodgett ovens using the red  N/C switch.

 Price: $12 each   -  10@$10 - Additional quantity discounts at 50, 250,500 and 1000 pieces 


  Our Replacement Part for: Middleby# 28154-0003,


 9 Amp  250V Midget  TM Fuse for Middleby PS 200, 300, 310, 350, and 360 Pizza Ovens

  • Little Fuse FLM-9A
  • Authorized
  • Date Coded  - New Parts
  • Also Replace FNM-9
  •  Bulk Packaged 10 fuses per box   US Mfg/ Assembled in Mexico 
  •  List $5 each

   US MFG/ Assembled in Mexico

  Price: $5   10@$4 each

Order#: CTI-M-FLM9

  CTI Replacement Part for: Middleby# 45036 , we also stock replacment for 45037

   Circuit breaker for PS570 3Amp and 15Amp 45036 and 45037 

  3 Amp or 15 Amp  240V Breaker Replacment for Middleby PS570 Pizza Ovens 

  • Circuit breaker
  • Brand: Schurter
  • 240V 3A   ( also in stock 15A )
  •  UL , CE
  • Authorized -Date Coded  - New Parts
  • Tipical List $24 - $43

   Origin: German Manufacture - Not marked - Unknown Origin

  Price: $8 

Order#: CTI-M-BR-3   ( 3amp )

Order#: CTI-M-BR-15   (15 amp)


  CTI replacement for: 36452

Models  PS360EWB,
PS570G PS670,PS770,
Clamping Nut
View Larger

   Clinch Nut,  Wing Nut or T Nut 

 1/4"- 20 thread

  Female locking  T  or wing nut 

 Origin USA

  Price: 14 piece bag for $10 per bag 

 Order#: CTI-M-CN

3 conductor Shieled Cable

PS350,  PS360
3 conductor sensor cable for

   3 Conductrr Speed Sensor Cable

  Replaces the internal cable running from the speed control to the speed sensor junction

  All PS350 ovens should have this cable replaced

 Repairs common problem in many PS360 Ovens  - The CTI speed control can diagnose this problem for you.

 Origin USA - Printed by Mfg

  Price: $10 (complete section)

 Order#: CTI-M-H1-Cable

 Replacement Part for: CTI Speed Control display

(display only) Use Models: PS360 PS200 PSS300 PSS570  PS555


Digital Speed control display

 Digital Speed Display Replacement

   Engineering/Software/Boards/Metal Fab/ Decal and Assembly all done here in the USA

 Questions? Call and talk to our design engineer.

 We can also supply the OEM plastic replacement for older Middleby controls - Guaranteed Best Price

 Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - We will verify origin with signed statement

   Price: $50

  2 Year Limited Warranty

 Order Number: CTI-M-DigSpd-Display

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 31504, 9070T

Fits:  PS570G, PS360EWB, PS360WB70,PS536,PS555




Transformer 230V to 115V for Middleby PS70G


  Power Transformer  for ®Middleby PS555G. PS536 and PS70G Pizza Ovens - Adapts 230V P (primary) to 115V S (secondary)
  • Original Manufacture
  • Converts 240 or 480 input to 120v output
  • Terminal labels:  Input: H1, H2, H3, H4 Outputs: X1, X2  
  • Power rating: 200VA (1.67A  x 120V output )
  • Also used  with oven retrofit   Central America and  Puerto Rico
  • Same mechanical form fit and mount
  • Same Electrical Specifications
  • UL,SE, CA
  • Pin for Pin - Plug and Play -  No modifications

   Origin - Mexico

Replaces ®Middleby: 31504

 Original Manufacture  $218 (in stock)

 Order#: CTI-M-T200VA


  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 3004614, 28082-0010

 240V to 480V transformers

New 240x480v International Power Transformers  for ®MiddlebyPizza  Ovens
  • Original Acme part
  • Converts 240 input to 120v output
  • 6.25 Amp output
  • 240x480V, .75KVA transformer
  • Often used for international retrofit of US ovens.

Replaces ®Middleby3004614, 28082-0010

 Original Manufacture  .75KVA:  $240 (in stock)

Generic Manufacture .75KVA:  $170 (special order)

Order#: CTI-M-T253009

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 22450-0052, 

Baldor EB Frame

Baldor: BP5052BP01SP


 Brush replaces 22450-0052  

 Replacement for original  Baldor  PS360 motor

Baldor Brush Replacement for 22450-0052 used in Baldor PS360 gear motor & CTI Lincoln 1000 motors - Baldor OEM

 Replacement brush for original PS360 motor  and CTI-M-27384-0008 above.

Size: 0.25"W x  0.375"W x 0.6"L .  

Original Baldor part  - Origin USA

Price: $5/each  ($10/pr) With $100 order

Order#: CTI-M-0008-Brush

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 45017 Replacement Brush and spring  as shown (does not include screw caps) Motor Brush for Bodine 45017

Replacement for Bodine PS360 motor

CTI Brushes for Bodine Gear Motor

 Replacement brush for Bodine motor.

Size: 0.25"W x  0.180"W x 0.75"L 

Origin USA -

Price brush with spring: $5/each ($10/Pair)  With $100 order

Order#: CTI-M-Bodine-Brush

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 46658 and ®Lincoln X2

Baldor DC Frame # BP5060BD02SP

  Motor Brush PS200,  46658

Baldor Brushes for original PS200 Gear Motor  - Baldor OEM

 Replacement brush for original PS200 motor, CTI-M-0011, CTI-B-GM3, and CTI-L-GM18832.

Size: 0.185"W x  0.125"W x 0.6" L

Original Baldor part - Origin USA  

$5.00/ each  ($10/pr) with $100 order

Order#: CTI-M-0011-Brush

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369384

 EC Frame - 1/4" Square brush - Sold as shown without screw cap

Motor brush replacment 369384

CTI Brushes for Lincoln 1000 Motor

 Size:  .250" x .250" x .750"

Origin USA

Note: For CTI 1000 motor use part#: CTI-M-0008Brush

Price: $5.00/each  ($10/pr) with $100 order .


  Replacement Part for  #MM 30153

 Gear motor brush for:  PS-536, PS-520, PS528

Toastmaster: TC-14, TC-18, TC2000,

CTX: TCO-2114

 Brush replaces:30153

CTI Brushes for PS536 Oven Motor

 Size:  3/16" x 1/4" x 5/16"L

Note: The PS536 is a smaller oven often used in convenience stores.

Origin USA

Price: $10.00/each  ($20/pr) with $100 order .

Order#: CTI-M-536BRUSH

               Parts for Lincoln
  CTI Replacement Motor for ®Lincoln #369291,370244, 9002267


  370244 with addition of the CTI-M-SE (shaft extender)





  Speed control   370216

Replacment for Lincoln gear drive motor 369291

CTI Gear Drive Motor for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

 New main drive motor for ®Lincoln 1000 series ovens: 1450, 1451, 1456, 1457, 1474, 1475, 1476, 1480

 CTI original part since 2002

Replaces ®Lincoln#  369291 , 370244, 9002267

This  original style (heavy duty)  motor includes:

  • Manufacture: Baldor
  • Large brushes (0.25" x.375") 
  • Heavy duty  frame (12lb shipping weight)
  • Ratio 600:1
  • No glue required to install 
  • Matching speed controls $69 (no feedback) ,  $225 (closed loop - hall type - plug and play), $275 ( complete speed kit). 

Compare this motor to other motors using small (0.124" x .186" ) brushes, in a lighter frame (8 lb), at a much higher price.

Call for information on conveyor speed controls to replace part# 370216.

Origin USA (Made in the USA)

 Price: - Call   

Order#: CTI-L-GM1

CTI Replacement blower for ®Lincoln: 369366 369255 and 369265

 Cross to: 7021-10010, 63549-001, 68-1114, 7021-10010,702110010

Burner Blower for Lincoln


CTI Burner Blower Motor for  ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens Replaces 369366 


 CTI  custom  part since 2004

 Replaces ®Lincoln# 369366 , 369255, 369265
  •  Manufacture: Fasco
  • May be used on all Lincoln gas ovens using natural or propane 
  • 7-1/8" long (short length required for easy install)
  • Wired with Molex plug for oven
  • Thermally protected
  • Ball Bearing
  • Integrated centrifigul switch
  • 3100 RPM
  •  Designed and built  per CTI mechanical and electrical requirments
  • 1 Year waranty
  • Very reliable product
  • 115V AC
  • Assembly plant - Fasco Cassville, MO, USA

 Note: Fasco is the manufacture for 369366 

Origin   USA

   The  great quality at  a great price

 Price: (Save 40%  to 55%)       

 Order#: CTI-L-BB

  Replacement Part for:

®Lincoln 369519   ®Lincoln 4060097

®L:incoln 370061 , 2580554




Original  370061  Lincoln gear drive motor

Early model square face.


 370061 Lincoln gear drive motor

Late model round face  (same mounting & specs)

Gear Drive Motor Replacment for ®Lincoln 1100 Ovens

Fits most Lincoln oven models: 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1116, 1117, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133, 1160, 1161, 1162, 1163, 1180

New main drive motor for ®Lincoln 1100 series ovens using DC drive. Specifications:

  • Brushed DC motor
  • Use with DC speed control
  •  .02HP
  • 130VDC
  • Ratio: 435/1
  • 5.7RPM

Replaces ®Lincoln#  369519 ,370061

Origin USA (Made in USA for CTI by Baldor)

If your oven uses the stepper drive 369490, we can rebuild your stepper control board for $200 or convert your oven to the DC drive system.

Matching Speed Kit:  Hall effect feedback style speed control kit (CTI- replacement for  370216 )  $250

 Price: call - Save 70%

Order#: CTI-L-GM18832

  CTI Replacement  for 369131 J type thermocouple used in many:  ®Lincoln ovens. In stock: Our



Flexible J type Thermocouple probe replacment

CTI Thermocouple Flexible Probes   - Found in many ®Lincoln Ovens

  Other flexible thermocouple probes can be custom manufactured per your requirements

  • We have built/sold this probe for over 11 years.
  • We have sold thousands  of units 
  • Probe Width: 0.06" - Flexible wire style
  • Probe Length: 16"
  • Cable Length: 45"
  • Connector: 1/4" quick connect
  • Cable Insulation Material: High Temperature Teflon
  • Cable Jacket :  Brown TFE
  • Type: J
  • Shipped with probe straight (not coiled or bent)
  •  Made in USA  (Priced below any import)

 Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with signed statement

    Price: $30 each - Additional discounts at quantities of 10, 20 and 50 pieces - Call 

 Order#: CTI-L-TCJ   

CTI Replacement Part for  369539, 369-181

Replacment Lincoln Blower motor 369212

CTI-L-MB-1100 -  In Stock

 1/10 HP Main Blower  - Our Replacement for  Lincoln 1100 ovens

  • 1/10 HP - Note: Not for 1000 series - 1000 series ovens require the 1/3 HP motor
  • 120/208/240V  3100 RPM
  • Made in USA
  • Replacement for most 1100 series ovens
  • High temp ball bearing design
  • Optional centrifugal switch
  • Includes oval run cap 
  • Be careful - There are some 1/15hp  50hz motors (sold as part#: 369196) on the net that are over 10 years old and being sold for over 500 $

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Order#: CTI-L-MB-1100

Price: $170  Made in USA

  Replacement Part for CTI369212,

Replacment Lincoln Blower motor 369212


 1/3 HP Main Blower for Oven Manufactures and Lincoln Oven Rebuilders

  • 220V  (see dual voltage motor below)
  • 1/3 HP
  • 1725RPM
  • CTI Replacement for most 1000, 1400 and 1200 series ovens
  • Replacment for369800, 369212
  • High temp ball bearing design

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Order#: CTI-L-BM3

Price:  $160


 110V  with  Centrifugal Switch - Replaces: 369800 

Same specification as above except: dual voltage 120V or 220V wiring options and  also includes  optional centrifugal ignition switch function

Replaces: 369212, 369-800   

Our replace for 1000 and  1400 series gas ovens

Origin USA/Mexico (Assembled in Mexico)

Order#: CTI-L-MB

Price: $160


1000 series speed controls . See table on right to see the progression of  boards used over the years.

New replacement options for ®Lincoln  369803 (board)370216 (kit) starting at $200

  New  replacement option for Bodine 250 starting at $69 

Bodine 250  Part#369155 Part#: 370216, 369803
Bodine 250 for  Lincoln Bodine Motor



369155  Lincoln speed board with tachometer 370216 Lincoln speed board
Mounted  in metal frame  Tan, clear or yellow board .  T+    T-  terminals for feedback . Three pin plug for feedback. Several board layouts over the years -
 Bodine motor  Baldor motor  Baldor motor
No Feedback Tach Feedback Hall Feedback
Status: Obsolete Status: Obsolete Status : Current
Original (30+ years ago) CTI Replacement $69 Not recommended - Upgrade to current board instead  CTI replacement board: $225
Full Kit: $275

CTI Motor Speed controls for ®Lincoln 1000 and 1100 series Ovens

  We have new CTI replacements speed controls for most Lincoln ovens. Price ranging from $69 to $275

 Non-feedback control for any DC motor starting at  $69 (USA Made)

   Hall feedback system starting at $225 for plug & play USA made board and $275 for plug & play USA made kit (includes pot, hall sensor, magnet, hardware and knob) with a two year warranty. Designed and manufactured by CTI.  We have the expertise to help you through the conversion process

  We recommend that you stay away from purchasing the old board (part# 369155) or the old matching tach generator  (#369823). The tach  generator is not a good investment, when you could upgrade to a whole new board and sensor for less money. The old tach  design has bearings and brushes (that wear out) and the new design uses magnetic pulse and has no parts to wear out! The  tach design was abandoned more than 15 years ago, when every manufacture switched to magnetic speed sensing..   We have 20 years of experience with this system from years of rebuilding both the board and the tach. We stopped rebuilding the tachs, when the new hall system came out.  The tach system has always been problematic.  Always upgrade to the new style hall system, which has no parts that will ever wear out. If you would rather not purchase our control, spend a little more and purchase a new hall/speed kit from a Lincoln.    


Call for more informationn

 CTI Replacement speed control  for ovens using 369803

Fits 1000 1100 ovens


  Closed Loop Speed Control Board or Complete Speeed Control Kit for Lincoln Ovens Using Closed Loop DC Motors - Replaces 369803
  • Manufacture : CTI
  • Closed loop - Hall feedback control
  • Over current protection - Fast response - Protects your motor, belt, circuit board and redundant output fuse
  • Board includes on-board Input and output fuses
  •  Min/max speed adjust
  • LED error indicators  - Debug information for over-current and missing hall signal
  • Works with both old style and new style pots
  • You may purchase  the replacment board or complete speed control kit - Kit includes: Speed board, hall sensor, potentiometer, knob, magnet, standoff and hall sensor wiring.
  • Available for 90V and 130V motors
  •  Origin:  USA

    Price: Speed board  $225 or Kit:$275   

OEM Lincoln Control board: 370355 and 370417

Used  in popular 1450 ovens

    Test or Rebuild Your 1450 Control Board part# 370355, 370417 and Save 80% - 95%
  • Due to popular demand - We have started rebuilding  the 370355 and 370417 control boards.
  • We will also test your board for free. Your oven problem may be caused by an inexpensive external compnent.
  • We can also find  you the lowest price for the OEM part.

   Call for Details  

Replacement for  369260  

369432(unlit),784408, 3027A8715, 8073580, G03054-2,2194409,11775418528-40 , 7990K22


Lincoln Carling Switch   369260  Original Manufacture Rocker Switch for ®Lincoln 1000, 1100, 1500 and 1600 series ovens 
  • Original Carling Switch  - The real original brand  - Not an equivalent
  • Electrical Spec: 20A , 277V
  • Fits 7/8" x 1.5" opening
  • ON-OFF
  • DPST
  • Will replace 369432 - without light
  • US mfg assembled in Mx

 Price: $6.50 each  10@ $6 each  

 Order#:  CTI-L-SW

Replacement for  370064, 369137 0.4Amp for 1100 series

Replacement for 369154  0.7Amp  for 1000 series 

E-T-A Circuit breaker for Lincoln Ovens  Circuit Breakers for ®Lincoln 1000 and 1100 Series Ovens -
  • Original Breaker Manufacture 
  • Electrical Spec: 0.4A at 250V or 0.7A at 250V
  • Panel Mount
  • Push to Reset
  • Origin: Germany

  Tpical List $33  to 55

 Order#:  CTI-L-BR-0.4 ( Replaces 0.4 amp for 1100 series)  Price: $21.00  

 Order#:  CTI-L-BR-0.7 ( Replaces 0.7 amp  for 1000 series )  Price: $18.00  

 Order#:  CTI-L-BR-0.5 ( Replaces 0.5 amp)  Price: $16.00  

 Our non oem replacement part for: 369362
(32" wide)

 1004593  24" wide

Special price on 24" wide belts

18" 1116 CTI non  OEM replacement for: 369194 full belt: $160

    Lincoln Pizza Oven Belt

Click for more info on 1000 series belts

 Find other oven belts using the Oven Belt Selection Tool

Conveyor Oven Belting for 1000  and 1100 Series Ovens

  • Non Catch Edging
  • 32"W (31 &7/8) x 12.5'L

 Origin USA (Made in the USA)

 Full Belt ( 12.5 ft)

 Price: $160

 Order#: CTI-L-Belt-32


  1 ft section 32" Wide  Price: $25

 Order#:CTI-Belt-32- 1ft


Also Available 24" belts  Order#: CTI-L-Belt-24


Complete 18"1116 belt  replaces 369194 Order# CTI-L-Belt-18-1116  Price: $160  ... More Info here

 Find the belt for your oven using the Oven Belt Selection Tool

  Cross replacement Part for: ®Lincoln# 370396, 369393 369393 Lincoln Ignition Module


Ignition Control  Module replacement for many ®Lincoln Ovens

  • Replaces Honeywell#  S8660D
  • Replaces Honeywell S8670D
  • Used in most 1000 series ovens
  • 30 Sec Prepurge
  • 15 Sec Ignition Trial time/ Lockout

We have been stocking the USA made S8670D cross replacement for 4 years.  This module is a plug and play replacement without any electrical modifications.  Specifications are the same as the old Honeywell S8670D above.  Call for details.

       Instruction Manual : Call         

 Price:  $90  Made in USA

  Order#: CTI-L-IM  

Replacment for: Lincoln 369075






Flame SensorM0416, Y75AS

 Flame Sensor  - Similar to image above but with straight connector

 Probe Flame Sensor for Ignition Module above

  2 pieces per package

  Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Typical List $29

  Order#: CTI-L-FS

  Price:  $12 each  ( Min required)  Specify straight (Lincoln) or right angle (Blodgett) connector

  Cross replacement Part for: ®Lincoln# 369076, 4070534

For use in pizza oven models: 1000, 1400

Pilot burner ignitor replacment for Lincoln

Burner Ignitor Replacement for many ®Lincoln Ovens

  • Functional Cross: 369076
  • Use in most 1000 and 1400 series ovens
  • No adaptors required - Plugs directly into ignition modules (Honeywell/Baso)
  • Made in USA
  • Also available with Raja  (round) connector for older  igniton modules


    Price:  $45  Made in USA

  Order#: CTI-L-PI  

369532 , Ignition control for 1100 series ovens. S89C1087

Per Honeywell - This module may be functional equivalent to the following (if the lockout, trial and pre-purge times are the same) : S8910U1000, 05-212226-003, 05-212225-003, HQ613090HW, HS780-NL108



 Hot surface ignitor





Original  Honeywell S89C Hot Surface Ignition

We are now stocking a direct cross made in USA

 CTI Hot Surface Ignition Control

  • Ignition Trial Time:  6 Seconds
  • Lockout Timing: 6 Seconds
  • Flame Sense: Single Rod
  • Prepurge: None
  • 100 Percent Shutoff of Gas on Lockout

Download Service Literature Honeywell Hot Surface Control

*Warning: NEVER use a ignition control module that is not a direct match (or cross) to the module in the oven. Using the wrong module may disable critical safety features that are built into the oven.

 List $141

 Direct Cross  made in USA 

  Price: $95

Order#: CTI-L-HSI

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln



369398 Lincoln Solenoid Valve

Gas Valve Replacement for  Many ®Lincoln Conveyor Ovens

  • Replaces OEM MFG part # H91DA-7
  • 1/2"  Nat - LP PSI input/output
  • 120V 60HZ AC
  • Electrical - 1/4" Terminal
  • No bypass openings

*Warning: NEVER use a solenoid valve that does not match the OEM part number of the solenoid in your oven (without first consulting the manufacture).  There are real safety issues with using the wrong solenoid  in your oven. Sales will be limited to qualified service companies.  

Does the phrase above look familiar?  It has been on our website for 10+ year. We have not provided any waivers to our copyright.

Order#: CTI-L-SV  

Price: Call 

  Replacement Part for Lincoln# 369529, 369263,369554, 369555
 Baso G96HGA-4D,

LP Kit : Y71GF-4


Gas Valve for Blodgett 5495, 5348,20325

CTI Dual Operator Combination Gas Valve Replacement for  Many ®Lincoln Conveyor Ovens - Replaces 369529

  • Replaces MFG part # G96HGA-4D  Blue or Black
  • Pilot gas outlet is located on the bottom of the valve
  • Natural Gas  (LP Kit in Stock)
  •  LP Kit: Y71GF-4
  • 1/2"   input/output
  • 25V 60HZ AC
  • 1/4" quick connect electrical terminal

*Warning: NEVER use a gas valve that does not match the OEM part number of the valve in the oven

 Price: $103   

 Order#: CTI-L-GV  

  CTI Manufactured Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369172, 369704 for LoPro (requires two boards). We still make this part.


Time/Temp Display replacment for 369172
Click for Updated Image

  Shown without metal enclosure box

 Our Time/Temperature Display Replacement  for ®Lincoln Part# 369172  Save 80%

 CTI designed and manufactured (in the USA) since 2000 - Replaces 369172, 369704 and 46-1414

The digital display interfaces with any J type thermocouple (included ) and original photo electric sensor to measure temperature and conveyor speed. New design with fast display update. using our variable filter software.  This unit will replace the time/temperature controller found in the 1000 series Impinger ovens built by ®Lincoln.  This unit mounts/wires the same as the original display but has a 2 year warranty. The Lo Pro requires 2 displays.  

 We designed and have manufactured this time & temperature display on site in the USA since 1999 ( major update in 2011)  Our new circuit design is  a complete redesign from previous designs and exceeds original requirements for a smooth but fast response. There are no modifications required for installation  ( when replacing the original board ).

 Replaces ®Lincoln# 369172

 Plug and Play:  Slides into rails inside ®Lincolns original metal case and wires exactly the same as the original. Replaces both styles of boards, Break-away tabs allows the board to fit in both sizes of the original metal case.

 Includes basic J type probe.

 We will guide you through the installation and make sure it is fully operational.

  Hard to find?  We are still manufacturing our board in 2018 

 Note: There is an aftermarket board ( from China) being sold  at 4 x the price ! 

 Origin:  USA (Made in USA)     - We will verify origin with signed statement

 2 Year Warranty

  Order#: CTI-L-TNT

  ( Re-use your old metal enclosure and save )

 Price: Save 80%   We are still manufacturing this board in 2018


  Our Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #370073
Fits Ovens: 1116, 1117, Impinger II Advantage Series

Temp Display

CTI  Temperature Display for ®Lincoln Ovens - Replaces 370073 - In Stock

  • CTI Original   - In stock or 3 days to build
  • Same mechanical form fit and mounting holes - Circuit is our own - designed by CTI
  • .75" Red display
  • Switch for Fahrenheit or Celsius display scale
  • Our latest circuit board  is an updated design - Circuit trace patterns do not match the photo
  • Supplied with new basic J type thermocouple
  • Add $20 for (whip style) J probe upgrade
  • Also works with original Lincoln probe
  •  2 year warranty (if kept dry)

  Replaces ®Lincoln# 370073

 Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with signed statement

 Order#: CTI-L-TD

 Price: Save 60%

 Call for more information

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #357067

Fits models: 1100 series, 1300 series, 1600 series, 2500 seriess

High Limit for Lincoln 357067

Select for Larger Image

 High Limit Thermostat for Oven MFG/ Rebuilders - Also replaces ®Lincoln 

  • Original Manufacture: EGO
  • Capillary high limit thermostat
  • Meets all requirement of original part and is built by the same manufacture
  • Limits to 340C (644F)
  • Manual reset
  • UL VDE Certifications
  • Low cost high limit for new and rebuilt oven
  • Also Replaces Part# 56.13562.900

  Origin Germany (Made in Germany)

  Price $30  ( Minimum order $100) 

  Order#: CTI-L-HL

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369378

Axial fan replaces 369378

 220V Axial Fan for ®Lincoln Ovens

  • Ball bearings
  • 220V
  • High output
  • UL Certifications
  • 110 CFM
  • Orign - China


 Order#: CTI-A-FAN-220V

Price $10 each 

  CTI Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369029 
No Longer sold by Lincoln but we still manufacture this product !
Self powered temperature probe/display system


Analog Gauge for Lincoln 369029
Click for Larger

Analog Duial Temperature Display for ®Lincoln 1000 Series Replaces #369029

Our analog display replaces the analog display used in older ®Lincoln ovens. This unit is an exact mechanical and electrical match for the original display, and saves you 85% off of the MFG list.

 Retro Style - Easy to read 

  Replaces ®Lincoln# 369029 - Discontinued by Lincoln, but we are still making this part.

  Interfaces with  J type thermocouple temperature probe  (included with display)

  Requires no power - Displays temperature using the millivolt potential generated by the probe - Connect only the 2 probe wire.  There are no other connections required. The matching probe is included and there is nothing else to buy.

 Price: $110 each  (includes probe)  - Stock

Order#: CTI-L-MC03703

  Basic Temperature Control functionality equivalent
but different in form fit to 369728,


1100 series


1500 series

1600 series


Temperature Control Replacment

Analog Temperature Control  Top Photo

User interface: Knob/Potentiometer/Scale Bottom Photo


Download  Wiring Diagram / Manual: Analog_Temp_Control (PDF)

Analog Temperature Control -Thermostat

Basic analog temp control. Includes potentiometer with pointer and decal scale. UL and FM certified.

Use with  original  thermocouple or any J type thermocouple  ( See J type thermocouples priced from $17 - $35)

  Supply voltage: 120VAC or 230VAC 

  Includes: Circuit board, circuit board mounting frame,  2 ft of connecting cable, potentiometer, knob/pointer and decal scale

  Temperature and scale range: 100- 600 Deg F

  Adjustable Hysteresis (band gap or temperature swing)

  Output: N/O 20 Amp Relay

  Basic single function  control - Heat on/off

 May also be wired as a cool-down control  ( Fan on above setpoint ) 


 Origin USA (Made in the USA)

 Price $100  - Sales limited to qualified service companies

 Order#: CTI-L-AT

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369384

 EC Frame - 1/4" Square brush - Sold as shown without screw cap

Brushes for Lincoln 369384

CTI Brushes for Lincoln 1000 Motor

.250" x .250" x .750" Origin USA

List: $77.00 - With Holder Cap

Our replacement is priced as shown

$5.00/each  $10/pr with $100 order .


  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #363917

Licoln time temp display transformer

CTI Transformer for Digital Time Temp Display for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

  • 115V input  12.6V output
  • 30VA
  • 1.97" height, 2.79" mounting hole spacing (center to center)
  • List $97
  • Class 2 energy limited

  Price: $20 each (with $100 order), 

 Order#: CTI-L-T-12.6

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369012
Fuse Hold


Fuse Holder for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

  • Panel mount
  • Max fuse  value: 240V 30A  - Use with any AGC fuse value tha is less than or equal to 240V 30A
  • Style:  3AGC
  • 1/4" Quick Connect terminal  (also  in stock with solder tabs)
  • UL Listed
  • Littlefuse - Mexico or China

 Price:  $5 each (with $100 order), 

 Order#: CTI-L-FH

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #9910286

Lincoln Burner Blower Cable

CTI Burner Blower Cable for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

New cable assembly for ®Lincoln 1000 series ovens. Save over 50% off of MFG list.

Origin USA (Made in USA)

  Price: $18 each,  10@$15.00each


  Cross Replacement Part for:®Lincoln# 369193

Use with 46-1414 display

Replacment for 369193 Thermister 

CTI Thermister Probe for ®Lincoln 

Thermister temperature probe  for early model Time and Temperature display (46-1414) for ®Lincoln ovens using probe with yellow lead ends

 We have manufactured and sold  this part since 2007
 In stock -  Hard to find from many dealers

 Typical aftermarket list: ~$97

 Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Price: $30 (with $100 order) 


  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln#369290

 Optical Sensor replaces 369290

CTI Optical Speed Sensor Replacment for ®Lincoln

  Display Speed sensor for®Lincoln 1000 series ovens.
Manufacture: CTI
 Be carefull of a website selling this sensor for over  260 $ that was  indirectly purchased from us -  (Yes it is our part)

  This part made be hard to find from ®Lincoln - Our search did not find any ®Lincoln stock and most sites did not list it.

  In stock- We have the parts/capacity to build 25+ units within 1 week , 200 in 6 weeks

 Customer specific  options available  - Longer lead (direct connection to time/temp board), chassis ground and any other wire termination options 

Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Price: $40 (with $100 order)

Order#: CTI-L-OPTO1

Replacement Part for ®Lincoln 370260,

Replacment for 369152  List~223
 Replacement for Part 369391 50K
List ~158

  US mfg knob replacement 369429 

10 Turn Pot 369391 370260

CTI Conveyor Speed Potentiometers for ®Lincoln

 Ten turn or single turn pot for ®Lincoln ovens.
  CTI#: POTOLD (For ovens using tach generator).
  CTI#: POTNEW (For converted ovens without tach generator).
  Highest quality Spectrol precision potentiometer - Cable assembly made in USA - manufactured by CTI
  Specify  standard 10 turn or single turn.
  Replace 5K ohm 3 wire - Single turn or ten turn
  Replace 10K 2 wire - Single turn or ten turn
  Shielded cable with #8 lug for drain wire
  Also Available:  Our Replacment for part 369391 50K   Price:  $35

 Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Price: $35 (with $100 order)

 Order#: CTI-L-POT


 Add  Easy Clean Knob (no fine grooves) for $3 to $4  - Specify  3/4", 1.25" or 1.5"

 Price: $3- $4 (with $100 order)

 Order#: CTI-L-Knob -Size  (Specify .75" , 1.25" or 1.5" and silver or black top)  

  Aftermarket Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln#369823. 370040

Hall Sensor for Lincoln 369823

  Shown above: Original circuit card with optional metal bracket

 Click to See New Replacment Board  





Hall Speed Sensor for Lincoln  CTI-L-H1     

 CTI speed sensor replacement - Complete ready to install - Includes:   Sensor, hardware, cable and plug

CTI Hall Speed Sensors to Replace ®Lincoln

 Hall effect speed sensor for ®Lincoln ovens.
 We have both a replacment circuit card or the whole assembly complete with cable.
 Option # 1:  Circuit board only with CTI's Improved Design
  - Improved mechanical design - Eliminates rubbing of oprtical wheel on sensor circuit board    
  • Sensor Backstop  - Eliminates problem with sensor bending backwards and eventually breaking
  • Gold Plated connector
  • Improved optical wheel clearance  - No more optical wheel rubbing
  • Origin USA (Made in USA)   - We will verify origin with a  signed statement
  Complete Circuit Board assemble: $10  - 2 year warranty  
  Order#: CTI-L-H1-Card  (Now In stock)



  Option#2:  Integrated board, mounting hardware and cable 

 Includes hardware and  3ft cable with connector ( female 3p Molex )

 Improved EMI (noise) rejection -Includes drain (chassis ground)

 Ready to install and includes hardware, cable and plug -  No moving of hardware from old sensor

  2 year warranty

  Origin USA (Made in USA)

  Complete assembly (circuit card, hardware and cable): $45

  Order#: CTI-L-H1-KIT


 Replacement Part for Optical Encoder Disk.
Aftermarket Cross  for ®Lincoln #370261

Optical Wheel

New Product 11/01/17 - Now In Stock

CTI Optical Encoder Disk Wheel. Aftermarket Replacement

 Slotted stainless steel disk for use with optical encoder.  Used in many ®Lincoln ovens.

  Staineless Steel - Improved design - Higher resiliency ( not foil )  

 2 year warranty

  Price: $5  

  Free with purchase of speed control kit  or time/temperature display


  Aftermarket Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln 369822 

8 Pole Magnet Replacement for ®Lincoln

   1 year warranty

  Origin USA (Made in USA)

  Price: $5  

Order#: CTI-L-M8

Cross replacement part for Lincoln ovens using
part# :  369589 in 1400 and 1600 series ovens

Burner blowers requiring 220V input without centrifugal switch

 220V Ignition bloewer

CTI  220V Burner Blower (ignition blower)

  New 220V combustion blower for conveyor ovens
  • 3000 rpm
  • 220 V AC
  • 6"" long
  • Ball Bearing design.
  • For ovens without centrifugal switch in blower
  • 2 wire Molex connector (white/black)
 May be used in many 1400 and 1600 ®Lincoln ovens

 Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Price: $95

 Order#: CTI-L-BB-220V

                  Parts for Blodgett

Adaptor Plate. Allows for CTI Speed control to replace Dart drives


Adaptor Plate for Dart

CTI Speed Control Adapter plate.  Allows our digital speed control to fit  larger  Blodgett oven cut out

  • Adapts our part# CTI-M-DigSpd to Blodgett ovens using Dart Micro drive control
  • Brushed stainless steel.  Dimensions: 4.25" x 2.25"
  •  Fits Blodgett oven cutout normally used for digital display
  • Converts Blodgett ovens to use our model: CTI-M-DigSpd  speed control (feedback style control).
  • Purchase the digital speed control, mounting plate, motor, and speed sensor  for less than $475
  • We also have a non feedback system, using your existing display. Purchase motor and control kit for $275

Origin USA (Made in USA)


Order#: CTI-B-AP

  Replacement Part for: Blodgett# 20287, 11501

Solenoid valve for Blodgett 20287, 11501

CTI Solenoid Valve Replacement for  Many Blodgett Conveyor Ovens

  • Replaces OEM MFG part # H91DA-7
  • 1/2"  Nat - LP PSI input/output
  • 120V 60HZ AC
  • Electrical - 1/4" Terminal
  • No bypass openings

*Warning: NEVER use a solenoid valve that does not match the OEM part number of the solenoid in your oven (without first consulting the manufacture).  There are real safety issues with using the wrong solenoid  in your oven. Sales will be limited to qualified service companies.  

 Typical List: $49

 Price: call    

Order#: CTI-B-SV  

  Replacement Part for Blodgett# M5348, 20325, M5495,
g96hga-19, G96HGA-25 List~205, LP Kit : Y71GF-4

Gas Valve for Blodgett 5495, 5348,20325

CTI Dual Operator Combination Gas Valve Replacement for  Many Conveyor Ovens

  • Replaces OEM MFG part # G96HGA-19, G96HGA-25
  • Natural Gas  (Not for LP)
  •  LP Kit $10
  • 1/2"   input/output
  • 25V 60HZ AC
  • 1/4" electrical terminal

*Warning: NEVER use a gas valve that does not match the OEM part number of the valve in your oven (without first consulting the manufacture).  There are real safety issues with using the wrong valve in your oven. Sales will be limited to qualified service companies.

 Price: call    ($100 minimum)

Order#: CTI-B-GV  

  Our replacement part for ®Blodgett# M2378, M10099 full kit ~1520,
STRM3127 , 42810-0118 .




Gear Motor 42810-0118, M2378 for Blodgett  3270 3870 Ovens

Call for matching speed control

CTI Gear Motor for ®Blodgett Conveyor Ovens: 3270 & 3870, MG3270,MG32, MG

Replacement for most Blodgett conveyor ovens.

Replaces ®MiddlebyM2378, M10099, 42810-0118

  • Brushed motor
  • Replacement for original equipment motor
  • Use with original equipment speed board
  • Accessory shaft for speed sensor

Origin USA (Made in the USA for CTI by Baldor)

Our Price: $240 .

Order#: CTI-B-GM3


Replace Brushless motor/control with Brushed motor/control

Gear motor and Speed control kit  (New  US made)

For 3270 ovens : $330

For 3870 (computer) ovens : $375

  Replacement Part for ®Blodgett#M3149

Blodgett Temperature M3149

Honeywell Temperature control


CTI Temperature Controller for ®Blodgett Conveyor Oven

  US manufacture assembled in Mexico
 Functions: Heat On /Off,   Cool-down  & Hi Limit 

 We were using the original control manufature  (orignal control) for several years but we were disappointed with the life of the controller, when used in the Blodgett ovens.. We have been using the Honeywell oven temperature controller over the past 5 years.


 Our List $610 

Price: Call

Order#: CTI-B-T1

  Replacement Part for Blodgett computers. ®Blodgett# M10049
M10049 Keypad for Blodgett  MT3870

CTI Matrix Keypad for  ®Blodgett Computer Module

Lexan and membrane for Single belt ovens.

Includes: decal, built-in membrane switches and cable.  

A bad matrix is the most common computer problem.

(1 Year Warranty

Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with signed statement

Price: $35 - USA made (real Lexan overlay and 3M backing)


  Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett# M7880, M6474, M5635, FW525 & FW525S  Blodgett computer


CTI Computer Module  for ®Blodgett Ovens

Replaces M6474, M5635, FW525 & FW525S

Single belt or dual belt options

Old Style or New style available

Boards and overlay mounted  in metal frame - Stainless case not included

 -Includes the keypad

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: $250 - Used/Tested  with 90 day warranty

Order#: CTI-B-58320



  Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett:  M7427,M3354

Replacment probe for M7427 used in Blodgett ovens

CTI Thermister (RTD) Probe for ®Blodgett Ovens

  • Replaces Blodgett 500 ohm RTD probe
  • 6 " probe -  Measured from plate to probe tip
  • This probe is used in ovens with remote computers (see computer above)


Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Price: $40

Order#: CTI-B-RTD

 Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett




Replacment Blower motor for Middleby PS360 27381-0023



CTI Main Blower for ®Blodgett MG32 & made in USA

  • 1/4 HP
  • 1140  RPM
  • 208-230VAC
  • 60 HZ
  • Extended Insulation Temperature
  • Made in USA  - We will verify origin with signed statement

 Price: Call

Order#: CTI-M-MB-MG

 Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett

 MG 32  Blower wheel 






CTI Main Blower Wheel for ®Blodgett MG32 & Made in USA

  • 10" x 3.3"
  • Balanced at  1140  RPM
  • Stainless steel  plate, ring and independent blades  - Not  stamped
  • Cast hub - machined / turned
  • Made in USA  - We will verify origin with signed statement

 Price: Call

Order#: CTI-B-BW-MG

  Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett#

M4224, M4225, M4597, M4598, M3742

M4224, M4225,M4587,M4598  Blower Motor for Blodgett

Style A

Blodgett blower style b for MG3870

Style B - Same mounting hole pattern & dimensions as Style A

CTI  Blower Motor for ®Blodgett MT3270 and 3870 Ovens

  • Replaces:  M4224, M4225, M4597, M4598, M3742
  • Ball bearing
  • 1 year warranty
  • Direct mount with no modification
  • High temperature rating
  • In Stock for 50Hz or 60HZ
  • Unbolts from blower housing in minutes.
  • No need to change blower housings. The blower housings are made of galvanized metal and will normally outlast the oven.

  Note:  Not for MG32 Ovens - See Our Replacment above for MG32 blower

 This is the original manufacture using our specifications

 Save 75% off of MFG List

 Order#: CTI-B-BM2   

 Price:  $170  

    Our Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett# M1054

Blodgett convection DFG-100  DFG-200


®Garland, Older PS350 with ®Midco Burner,Older ®Lincoln 1000

G770  MGA-2 Johnson Control Ignition Module

Old Original Johnson Control Ignition Module  Note: Some of the Johnson Control modules may have been replaced with the Fenwal cross

Ignition Module for Blodgett

Baso Gas Products (USA) - Cross referenced module. Designed to work with Baso gas valves (used in most Blodgett conveyor ovens)

Cross Replacement for Johnson Control  G770 MGA-2 Ignition Module used by ®Blodgett

  • Baso cross referenced replacement for G770MGA-2
  • Designed / manufactured by the same company that builds the Baso gas valves (used in most of the Blodgett ovens).
  • Intermittent Pilot Ignition
  • 1 year warranty
  • For use with flame sensor probe (See below)
  • Prepurge: None, Trial: 50 Sec, Retry: None
  • 24VAC 50/60Hz
  • NEC Class 2
  • ANSI Z21.20, SA, CSA-C22.2
  • Also used in DFG-100,200 Ovens

   Download basic wiring  instruction: CTI-B-IM.pdf 

      Origin USA (Made in USA)

     Price:  Call

     Order#: CTI-B-IM   


  Replacement for:


 BL18256 probe flame sensing

100  Y75A


MG32 MT3870, MG3270

Lincoln 369075



Flame SensorM0416, Y75AS

 Flame Sensor

 Probe Flame Sensor for Ignition Module above

  2 pieces per package

  Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Typical List $29

Download installation instructions:  Y75 Flame Sense Instructions.pdf

  Order#: CTI-B-FS

  Price:  $12 each  ( Minimum order required)  Specify straight (Lincoln) or right angle (Blodgett) connector

 Replacement Pilot Burners: J987DDW, M272, M6398, R4551
Lincoln: 369076, 4070534



 Pilot Ignitor  Replaces: M2726, J987DDW, M6398

Pilot Ignitor for some ®Blodgett and ®Lincoln Ovens

 Use with Flame sensor above

  Connector :  default Raja ... or Select option below for  1/4" quick connect (mates with male 1/4" spade on ignition module)

  •    Option A:  1/4" Quick connect adapter plug (adapts to newer Ignition modules) :   $1

  •    Option B  1/4"  Quick connect - hardwired/heatshrink/finished end for newer ignition modules:   $10 

  •    Option C  Flame Sense Above Installed:  $12

    Origin USA (Made in USA)

  Order#: CTI-B-PI

  Price:  $35   See additional options above  (Save $137 to $195)

  Replacement fo: BLTM1r0545






Oven Front Panel Switch  M10545

*Note: The actual contact color is red for N/C contact

CTI Control Panel Switch Assembly for Blodgett Conveyor Ovens

This is the clamping type. There is no nut to come loose.

Includes control knob, mounting block and one 10Amp N/C switch (red).

Note: Also Available for Middleby ovens using N/O switch (green).


Call for Pricing


  Replaces Part#:  L3516TM

CTI Main Blower Motor for XLT Oven

 Wolf / Bofi XLT conveyor pizza ovens

  • Voltage: 230V
  • 2 HP
  • 1725 rpm

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: Call

Order#: CTI-X-L3516TM

End XLT 

                  Universal Parts


This burner blower motor  is commonly found in many pizza oven applications.

 Used by oven rebuilders for over 18 years

  May also be used as a aftermarket replacement for Blodgett and Lincoln pizza ovens

Replacement burner blower for CTI 702111665


   CTI Pizza Oven Ignition Burner Blower Motor

Product Details  

  • 7-1/8" long (easy install tighter applications such as Blodgett)
  • Includes  6 pin square molex plug with 4 populated male pins for Lincoln Applications
  • Ball Bearing
  • Built in Centrifigul switch
  • 3100 RPM
  • Waranty: 1 Year
  • 115V AC
  • 0.8A
  • 1/50 HP
  • Switch rating 125VA,  1A @ 120V
  • CFM : Call
  • The part number is printed on nameplate
  • The 702111665 part number/spec has been custom manufactured for CTI (Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC)  since 2000  ( 18 years )  as a proprietary part. Not a Fasco distributed part.  Must be purchased through CTI or its dealers 

  Designed to reduce the overall length of the blower and motor assembly. The integrated cooling fan, often found in pizza oven burner blowers, is not required in this blower. The motor is cooled by  the air flow being pulled through small holes in the blower housing. The compact size is an easy install into many Blodgett ovens, having limited space for the blower/motor assemble. The Molex plug is pin for bin compatible with most Lincoln conveyor ovens having a 115V burner blowers.


 Assembled in USA

 List  $150 


Order#: CTI-B-BB-120V

  Replacement Part for



Ignition module universal

Similar to image above (configuration switches not shown)

Honeywell S8610U3009 Universal Intermittent Pilot Control

Universal replacement for Honeywell, Robertshaw, Fenwal, Johnson, and UTEC (HSC) Intermittent Pilot Ignition Modules.

  • Provides configurable ignition sequence, flame monitoring and  shutoff for intermittent pilot
  • For use with Natural or LP gas
  • For use in single rod or dual rod/remote sense applications. Includes relay contacts for use with any intermittent pilot gas control string with maximum 1.0A pilot or 2.0A main valve rating. Honeywell VR8204, VR8304 or VR8345M combination gas control recommended.
  • Configurable  prepurge
  • Configurable trial for ignition
  • Configurable retries
  • 24VAC

 This is a last resort  replacement  module,and should only be used when the correct module is no longer available for purchase. This module can be configured wrong  and should only be used by a qualified technician in a location that cannot be accessed by restaurant employees The technician must  be qualified  and have full knowledge of all of the configurable options.    


Order#: CTI-U-IM - Origin Mexico


  Replacement control for

Bodine 250, Blodgett, KB KBIC, Minarik  MM23001, Dart 125DVC-K PS250 part# 28074-0022  

Can be used for many applications including:: Conveyors, Older Blodgett, Middleby and Lincoln conveyor ovens, Bagel machines.


Bodine 250, 28074-002

Basic Non-feedback DC Speed Control

For use in applications that do not require closed loop speed control feedback .

Use with many older Blodgett ovens and Lincolns with Bodine motor

  • 115 V or 230V input
  • Selectable  0-90VDC  or  0-130V or  0-180Voutput
  • Motor HP of 1/8 - 2 HP
  • Use with  5k or 10k, 3 terminal potentiometer
  • 1/4" (quick connect) terminals
  • Packaged with free unwired 10k single turn potentiometer
  • Use with external fuse - 2A(1/10HP) 3A(1/8HP) 
  • (optional) 100V field voltage for older shunt motors
  • On board adjustments for:  Min/Max speed, Acceleration and Current limit.
  • Isolated potentiometer voltage supply
  • Works well with most Blodgett ovens with brushed motor

Origin USA (Made in USA)  - We will verify origin with signed statement

Sale of this Item is limited to qualified technicians.   Instructions includes input fuse selection table. Speed kit includes instructions  on how to adjust built-in current limit (torque limit). Circuit  is designed to save your conveyor components ( including motor)  during a stall condition.


View installation manual :BasicSpeedControl.pdf

Price: $69 each with a $100 minimum order

Order#: CTI-B-DC

7.5uf 370V 70C Capacitor

Free Round Motor Run Capacitor

  • Round Cap
  • New Surplus - Built for Baldor motors
  • 7.5uf
  • 370V
  • 70 Deg C

Free with any $100 order

Order#: CTI-C-7.5-370-70

Similar Functionality
 to Part # 369507
requires  form fit mod

Cooldown Switch 160 degrees F

 Cooldown Switch

 160 Degrees F Cool-down Switch

  • Axial fan temperature control - Axial fans will remain on until temperature drops below 160 degrees F  in the control compartment
  • UL Listed
  • 15A (125V), 10A (220V)  Note: typical axial oven axial fan will draw 0.3A each
  • Wiring connector: 1/4"Quick Connect
  • Mounting type: Chassis  0.93" hole spacing
  • Similar function to part# 369507- This is a different US  manufacture and new hole spacing
  • Works great on food warmers too - Per Phil at RER
  • Origin USA (Made in USA)

 Price: $10 (with $100 order) UL Listed - Call for other switching temperatures

 Order#: CTI-L-A-Switch-160

  Also Available 357107
 List~ 18


Fuse Holder for many Middleby and Lincoln pizza ovens

Panel Mount Fuse Holder

 Fuse Holder  20A/30A 

  • Type: AGC  
  • Certification: UL Listed
  • 20A (250V)  and 30A (125v)
  • Wiring: 1/4"Quick Connect  - Also available with solder tabs 357107
  • Mounting: Panel Mount
  • Origin: Unknown

 Price: 2 pieces / $10pr (with $100 order) UL Listed

 Order#: CTI-L-FH


Capacitor 7.5uf

 7.5uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor

  • Oval Cap
  • 7.5uf
  • 370V
  • 85 Deg C 
  • We do NOT recommend the 70Deg C capacitors for use in restaurant equipment. If you would like the 6.5uf 70 deg C oval capacitor  (others are selling) our price is $2.00 each
  • UL Listed
  • Origin : China

 7.5uf  85C Price: $4 (with $100 order) UL Listed

 Order#: CTI-C-7.5-370-85  - Specify height  S/M/L

Universal  Replacement Part # Blodgett 23077, 1162080,2009383,4A2128-01,1162080,00-445591,

Blodgett DFG100, Garland, Imperial, Vulcan,



Capacitor 10 uf

 10 uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor Replaces Blodgett 23077

  • Oval Cap
  • 10uf
  • 370V
  • 85 Deg C  rating  (We do NOT recommend common 70Deg C capacitors for use in restaurant equipment).
  • UL Certified / Listed
  •  Origin: China

 List: $10

 10 uf  85C Price: $4 (with $100 order) UL Listed

 Order#: CTI-C-10-370-85  - Specify height  2.88"

Universal  Replacement Part  for 4uf motor run capacitor replaces
Carter Hoffman, Loren Cook

Capacitor 10 uf

 4 uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor Replaces

  • Oval Cap
  • 4uf
  • 370V
  • UL Certified / Listed \
  •  Origin : China

   Price: $3

 Order#: CTI-C-10-370-85  - Specify height  2.88"

Universal  Replacement Part Genteq # 97F6684


Capacitor 10 uf

12.5 uf  is available in two physical sizes

 12.5 uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor - Genteq

  • Oval  - Large footprint:  2.62" x  1.48" x 4.5" (Double Normal Physical Size)
  • 12.5uf   50/60 Hz
  • 440V   - Note the higher voltage makes this a large cap
  • UL Certified / Listed
  • We also stock the 12.5uf 370V - Standard  physical footprint

 12.5 mfd  Price: $4 (with $100 order) UL Listed

 Order#: CTI-C-12.5-440V  - Note: These are double normal physical size

 12.5 mfd (standard physical size)   Price: $7 (with $100 order) UL Listed

 Order#: CTI-C-12.5-370  -  Note:  Standard physical size

Universal Replacement Part for ®Middleby, ®Blodgett, ®Lincoln






 J Type Thermocouple Low price






CTI Basic J Type Thermocouple for Conveyor Ovens

Stainless steel ungrounded J type probe with fiberglass braided cable. Oven rebuilders are using this probe as a universal replacement for most applications requiring a J type thermocouple.  Two wire (unshielded cable). ®Middleby ovens require shielded thermocouples. Do not use on ®Middleby ovens.  We also stock the long flexible probes for Lincoln starting at $25.

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: $17:00 (with $100 order)

Order#: CTI-TCJ-7-72

  Replacement for: Most Dual  J type thermocouple.
CTI Replacment for ®Middleby M3151


 Dual element J Type Thermocouple

Dual Element Dual Junction  Thermocouple

Dual Element Dual junction (4 wire) thermocouple with a 10ft pair of fiberglass wires. This thermocouple contains two isolated, fast response, thermocouples in one thermo-well (2 pair of wires). Rebuilders are using these probes in ®Blodgett ovens


Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: $22.00 (with minimum order)

Order#: CTI-B-TC-JD

  Replacement Part for: ®Pitco#


Pitco Probe

Temperature Sensor Probes for ®Pitco Fryers /Timers

Replaces Part#: B6700601-C

Save up to 80%

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Taco Bell and KFC Fryers

Price: $30 each ( with $100 minimum order)

 Call (number at bottom of page) for quantity pricing.

Order#: CTI-F-B6700601-C

  Replacement Part for: ®Fast#


Pitco Probe

CTI Temperature Sensor Probes for ®Fast Fryers /Timers

Our replacement for FAST-140-60020-06

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: $30 each ( with $100 minimum order)

  Replacement Part for: ®Fast#


 Fastron Probe

 CTI Temperature Sensor Probes for ®Fastron Fryers /Timers

Replaces Friendly's Fast-140-50030-04.

Save 65%

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: $40 each ( with $100 minimum order)

  Pizza Restaurant Booths, Chairs and Table Tops




 Pizza Restaurant Booths, Laminated Tables and Chairs

 US manufacture with three distribution centers  in California, Iowa and  North Carolina  - Ask for Tom

  R8, R8Z, R82RS, R8ZZ,R8-2RS

motor bearing

Motor bearing ceramic

 motor bearing CTI

Bearings for 360 Gear motor CTI-M-27384-0008

Standard bearing - Not recommended for this motor

Price: $3.50 each ( with $100 minimum order)

 R8ZZ-C    Ceramic ball  -  Metal side shields.   - Use this bearing in the gearbox end of the motor. Lasts up to 10 times longer than a standard bearing.

SR8-2RS-CTI CTI Proprietary development for this motor.Special bearing not available anywhere else. - Use this bearing in the sensor end of the motor.

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