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Thermocouple probe for Middleby PS360

J type thermocouple temperature probe replacement for Middleby part# 33984 


CTI USA manufactured J type thermocouple probe designed to replace most ®Middleby oven probes including: 33984, 31450-1, 33812-1, 28071-0001, 28100-0001


CTI Replacment for:
®Middleby PS360, PS360S  
®Middleby PS300, PS350
®Middleby PS570
®Middleby PS200
®Middleby PS222
®Middleby PSPS360Q,PS360WB
®Middleby PS570G, PS570S
®Middleby PS314, PS314SBI
®Middleby PS310
®Middleby PS555G
®Middleby PS970G


  • 6" J type probe - 10 ft of shielded cable
  • Includes clamping washer
  • Includes two screws
  • In production since 2002
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • 3 wire shielded cable
  • High temperature fiberglass sheating
  • Designed to replace 33984,31450-1,33812-1,28071-0001,28100-0001
  • Specs:

    Product ID: CTI-M-TCJ
    Type: J
    Probe Length: 6"
    Cable type: 3 wire  (2 wire plus shield)  high temperature fiberglass cable - We can also build this part with a Teflon covering for slightly less
    Cable Length: 10 Ft
    Included Hardware: Stainless Steel Slotted disc, 2 stainless steel screws
    Origin: USA

    Price: $35 each   10@$30

    Order#: CTI-M-TCJ