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Digital Speed Controller - Part number: CTI-M-DigSpd
  • Manual Adjustment Mode Instructions for Digital Speed - Allows control display to be calibrated for use in applications (conveyor ovens) not covered by presets - Works with any DC conveyor   Download the Manual-Mode Instructions (PDF)

Basic Analog Speed Control (no feedback and no digital display) - Part number: CTI-B-DC
Tech-Tip: Basic Step by Step Instructions On How to Test a DC Gear Motor for Basic Operation
  • This is a trick we have used for more than 15 years of working with pizza oven motors. This is a quick but not thorough test of a pizza oven motor.   The PDF captures our email response (07/02/2015) to a request for help determining if a motor was faulty. The document provides a step by step response on how to test for a bad motor using a cordless drill battery -     Note: Within weeks, our step by step instructions were on another web site. 
  • Additional Note: The quickest test of a drill battery charge is to simply run the drill  (hand chucking to load ) before removing the battery. A voltmeter is not a good test of the battery, if the battery is out of the drill and not connected to a load. A battery can be nearly dead and still measure the rated voltage, if the battery is not connected to a load that will create a current flow. . 
  • Downloadable tech tip:    How to test a pizza oven gearmotor using a cordless drill.pdf .

Tech-Tip: Blodgett with the red (stand alone) computers  -  Symptom: Motor alarm buzzer sounds after changing to a new or known good computer
  • Blodgett  (3870, 3855 ...)  closed loop speed control operation. There are at least three wiring configuration  for motor feedback. found in the Blodgett Ovens having the remote red computers. This Document will help you determine if the oven was ever wired for feedback and also illustrates two wiring options for adding feedback. Blodgett Computer Motor Feedback Wiring Diagram.pdf 03/21/2012