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Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27170-0263, 97214, 46451

Hall Speed senosr replacment for 46451 - middleby

5 Piece Kit

 CTI Motor Speed Sensor Replacement for ®Middleby 46451

Description : Motor speed feedback sensor designed and manufactured by Cybernetics Tech Industries on site.  May be used with all original Middleby  and CTI motors. The speed kit includes: Sensor, Bracket, Clamp, 4 pole magnet and Pal lock nut. Normally priced as kit. Sensor available separately. When comparing prices, specify either kit or sensor. 

Availability:  We are the US manufacture for this part,  typical stock is 10 + pieces at the start of each day and we have capacity to manufacture 100 pieces within a few days.

Replaces:  ®Middleby part#:  97214, 46451. List: $89.00


  • Voltage in:   5V DC
  • Cable Length: 3 ft - We can manufactured other lenghts
  • Cable Type: 3 conductor shieled
  • Magnet: Includes 4 pole magnet - 2, 4 and 8 pole magnets are in stock
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Orign: USA (made in USA) - Manufacture on site by CTI


  • Any gear motor requiring hall feedback -  We also have non standard magnets
  • Will replace most Dart speed sensors - Specify number of poleswhen ordering


Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - Sensor assembly, Metal fab, Clamp, Magnet and Wire -All Made in USA

Call for more information

Order#: CTI-M-H1



 This part is designated and built by Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC in the USA. We do not represent the oven manufacture or its distributors. 

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