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CTI Pizza Oven Speed Control  - Replaces  ®Middleby# 64149, 37337 and 60542.  Factory presets for all popular ovens.  Manual adjust mode for nearly any conveyor application.



digital motor speed control

We designed the CTI Speed control to be the most robust, bullet proof motor controller available. The design of this oven control was a culmination of:  design requirements,  feedback from oven rebuilders and lessons learned from rebuilding over 500 controls.  The CTI conveyor control cannot be damaged from failures of other oven components or even serious abuse (when wired properly). The control monitors for over current, ambient temperature, speed sensor problems, bad sensor wiring, failure of the user interface, locked motor rotor and even bad motor brushes.  The CTI-M-DigSpd motor speed control has been in production for 15+ years. We feel this is the most robust oven control for pizza ovens in the market. The diagnostic capabilities aid in solving oven conveyor problems; no blind swapping and no guessing of the cause of the conveyor failure.The control was designed and is still built by our staff at Cybernetics Tech Industries. Our lead Engineer has over 30 years experience as an Engineer in both hardware and software (former Engineer for NASA Avionics research contracts). 


 ®Middleby Marshall  31020
 ®Middleby Marshall  37337
 ®Middleby Marshall  45133
 ®Middleby Marshall  28074-0004
 ®Middleby Marshall 28074-0012
 ®Middleby Marshall  28074-00180
 ®Middleby Marshall  42810-0133
 ®Middleby Marshall  58323
 ®Middleby Marshall  64149
 ®Dart Micro Drive - See Blodgett adaptor
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  Product ID: CTI-M-DigSpd
  Description: DC Motor Speed control
  Motor Voltage: 90 or 130 V DC
  Motor HP: 1/50 to 1/8HP
  Price: $250


Digital Speed Controller Replacement for 64149