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Honeywell S8600H Ignition Spark Module - Original to most ┬«Middleby PS360, PS570 and PS200 Ovens  - Factory Set

Cross Reference:
27161-0005, 42810-0114, 35-605303-111, 35-630200-007

Fits Oven Models:
PS570, PS200,
XLT with S8600H
All ovens with
Honeywell S8600H,
 Plug and play to ovens having Honeywell S8600H
ignition spark modules (black or gray)
Ignition spark module for Middleby Pizza Ovens
Ignition Spark Module for ®Middleby ovens including most PS models such as PS360,PS570 and PS200 pizza ovens
  • •   Ignition spark module replacement for many ®Middleby Pizza Ovens
  • •   Mfg: Honeywell
  • •   Model: S8600H3002 l
  • •   Also Replaces Honeywell: S8600H1006
  • •   Original equipment to most ®Middleby Pizza Ovens
  • •   Standard module used in these ovens for 20+ years
  • •   Origin: Honeywell - Assembled in Mexico
  • •   Cross: Fenwal: 35-605303-111
  • •   Note: Fenwal modules require an oven ground wire mod before installing
  • •   Best price with a 1 year warranty
 No modification - Original to Most Ovens - Plug and Play

  Download Honeywell Product specifications and Service Manual  (Note: Error codes on pages 12, 13 &14 ) Honeywell Ignition Module (PDF)

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