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Technical Literature

Digital Speed Controller - Part number: CTI-M-DigSpd
Basic Analog Speed Control (no feedback and no digital display) - Part number: CTI-B-DC
Tech-Tip: Basic Step by Step Instructions On How to Test a DC Gear Motor for Basic Operation
  • This is a trick we have used for more than 15 years of working with pizza oven motors. This is a quick but not thorough test of a pizza oven motor. The PDF captures our email response to a request for help determining if a motor was faulty. The document provides a step by step response on how to test for a bad motor using a cordless drill battery -     Note: Within weeks it was barrowed by another website to promote their web site as their own idea.  Note the email image date:(07/02/2015) and their promotion date (08/12/2015).  Since they have no technical knowledge, they still managed to get it wrong. Testing the drill battery charge level using a voltmeter provides no usable information, if the battery is not connected to a load.  A battery can be completely dead and still measure the rated voltage, if the battery is not connected to a load that will create a current flow. The quickest test of a drill battery charge is to simply run the drill  (hand chucking to load ) before removing the battery.   They are obvously not a good source for technical advice. 
  • Downloadable tech tip:    How to test a pizza oven gearmotor using a cordless drill.pdf .