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Electronic Controls for Restaurant Equipment

About Cybernetics Tech Industries

We have been in business for over 20 years, designing and building controls and parts for restaurant equipment. Our president has a nearly 30 year background as an Engineer, covering a broad range of Engineering fields and product design, from basic controls to avionics research projects for NASA. He oversees the design and specification of most of the products that we sell. We strive to keep our product manufacturing in the USA with most products built in the USA

Our Policies:

We are located in Cedar Rapids Iowa USA. See our contact information at the bottom of the page.
  • * We do not profit on shipping
  • * Our shipping application is set to actual cost. In addition we receive a nice UPS discount, which lowers your rate even more
  • * In most cases you will find that we ship to you at a rate that is 30% less than the rate that you would pay to ship the same thing to us.
  • * 1 year warranty on motors and gas products (per manufacturer date code)
  • * 2 year warranty  on products built at our location including: digital speed control (M-DigSpd), speed control circuits, displays and hall effect sensors
  • * We often will repair something that is a little past warranty or accidentally damaged. Honesty is in your best interest..
  • * We feel that honesty is the most important part of our customer relationships. We have our faults but we strive to always be honest, especially when no one would know otherwise. 
  • * Our website does not use cookies and does not track you in any way. Not even for your "better web experience"
  • * We also do not  store or sell any information to third parties.  See our prvacy policy
Pricing Tricks
  • * We do not charge different prices for the same part
  • * Some online companies will charge based on what they can get out of a customer and not what they need for the product. Charging different prices for the same part used by different manufacturers.
  • * We will never try to trick anyone in anyway. We always look at our customers as friends first.
  • * If we post any quantities, then they are real and are at our location. We do not claim other companies inventories as our own. It is common practice for companies in the industry to claim inventory that they do not actual have. They will multiply their actual inventory by 10 or 12 times actual. We have watched inventories for an item go from 0 to 100+, after purchasing only 8 pieces from us.
OEM Part Numbers
  • * We do not use OEM part numbers as our part numbers. We have our own unique part/order number system to identified our products. We ask that our customers use our part numbers when ordering.
  • * We provide cross references from the oven manufacturers number to help you find our products and part numbers.
  • * There are many companies using OEM part numbers to sell China copies. It can be confusing and misleading.
We are an Engineering company. Nearly 90% of our parts are manufactured in the USA but are still priced below the import copies. We have proven that America can still provide great quality and value.