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We are a USA manufacturer of pizza oven parts and controls and have been in the controls business since 1997. We focus on parts for oven rebuilders and manufacturers of ovens. All parts are new and have a 1-2 year warranty. Most of our controls are manufactured (and engineered) here in the USA and are still priced below the lower quality import copies. Oven rebuilders save 40-90% on every part on this page.

Pizza Oven Parts List

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The ® symbol designates a registered trademark of the respective company. We design our own products. We do not represent the oven manufacture or its distributors.

Parts For Lincoln Pizza Ovens

CTI Replacement Motor for ®Lincoln#:
#369291,370244, 9002267

Also replaces: 370244 with addition of the CTI-M-SE (shaft extender)

Compatible with speed control : 370216  and CTI-L-SPD

Replacment for Lincoln gear drive motor 369291
Baldor motor from 2002 to 2019  

New motor for 2021 
Image soon

CTI Gear Drive Motor for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

New gear drive motor for ®Lincoln 1000 series oven series: 1450, 1451, 1456, 1457, 1474, 1475, 1476, 1480

Original part  built for us by Baldor fom 2002 to 2019 and our own manufactured motor since 2019

Replaces ®Lincoln# 369291, 370244, 9002267

This original style (heavy duty) motor includes:

  • Manufacturer: Baldor ( 2002 to 2021)
  • CTI USA from 2019
  • Manufactured to the original Baldor spec
  • Large brushes (0.25" x.375")
  • Heavy duty frame (13 lbs. shipping weight)
  • Ratio 600:1
  • No glue required to install magnet -  Sensor shaft is now tapped
  • Matching speed controls $69 (no feedback) , $225 (closed loop - hall type - plug and play), $275 ( complete speed kit).

Compare this motor to other motors using small (0.124" x .186" ) brushes, in a lighter frame (8 lb.), at a much higher price.

Call for information on conveyor speed controls to replace part# 370216.

Origin USA (Made in the America)

Price: - Call

Our Part Number : CTI-L-GM1

CTI Replacement blower for ®Lincoln:
and 369265

Fasco: 702111665,

Burner Blower for Lincoln

Fasco Burner Blower Motor for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens - Replaces 369366

CTI custom Fasco part since 2004

Replaces ŪLincoln# 369366 , 369255, 369265

  • May be used on all Lincoln gas ovens using natural or propane
  • 7-1/8" long (short length required for easy install)
  • Wired with Molex plug for oven
  • Thermally protected
  • Ball Bearing
  • Integrated centrifugal switch
  • 3100 RPM
  • Designed and built per CTI mechanical and electrical requirements
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Very reliable product
  • 115V AC

Origin USA

Great quality at a great price

Price: (call)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BB

Replacement Part for: Lincoln:

Original  370061  Lincoln gear drive motor
Early model square face.

 370061 Lincoln gear drive motor
Late model round face (same mounting & specs  2004 - 2019)

New motor for 2022  
Image comming soon

Gear Drive Motor Replacement for ®Lincoln 1100 Ovens

Fits most Lincoln oven models: 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1116, 1117, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133, 1160, 1161, 1162, 1163, 1180

New main drive motor for ®Lincoln 1100 series ovens using DC drive. Specifications:

  • Brushed DC motor
  • Use with 130v DC speed control
  • 02hp
  • 130VDC
  • Ratio: 435/1
  • 5.7RPM

Replaces Lincoln# 369519, 370061

Origin USA (Made for CTI by Baldor)

If your oven uses the stepper drive 369490, we can rebuild your stepper control board for $200 or convert your oven to this DC drive motor and drive system.

We have a matching speed kit. Speed kit includes hall effect feedback (CTI-replacement for 370216 ) $295. We also have a non feedback control starting at $72.

Price: Call

Our Part Number : CTI-L-GM18832

Our Replacement part for:
K type thermocouple used in many ŪLincoln ovens.

Fits 1100 Oven Series using K type temperature probe 

Flexible K type Thermocouple probe replacment
Note: probe comes with  2 pin Molex connector

Thermocouple Flexible Probes - Fits most ŪLincoln 1100 Series Ovens

 Flexible K type thermocouple probe

  • Probe Width: 0.06" - Flexible probe style
  • Probe Length: 16"
  • Cable Length: 45"
  • Connector: Molex 2 pin  connect
  • High temperatrure cablle
  • Cable Jacket : Brown TFE
  • Type: K
  • Shipped with probe straight (not coiled or bent)
  • Made in USA but priced below the imports

Origin USA (Made in America)

Price: $35 each 10 @$30 each

Our Part Number : CTI-L-TCK

Our Replacement part for:
J type thermocouple used in many ŪLincoln ovens.

Fits Oven Series:

Flexible J type Thermocouple probe replacment

Thermocouple Flexible Probes - Fits most ŪLincoln Ovens

Other flexible thermocouple probes can be custom manufactured per your requirements

  • We have built/sold this probe for over 11 years.
  • We have sold thousands of units over the years
  • Probe Width: 0.06" - Flexible wire style
  • Probe Length: 16"
  • Cable Length: 45"
  • Connector: 1/4" quick connect
  • High temperatrure cablle
  • Cable Jacket : Brown TFE
  • Type: J
  • Shipped with probe straight (not coiled or bent)
  • Made in USA but priced below the imports

Origin USA (Made in America)

Price: $30 each

Our Part Number : CTI-L-TCJ

CTI replacement main blower motor for part:
369539 replacement for

Replacement Lincoln Blower motor 369212

1/10HP Main Blower - Our Replacement for Lincoln 1100 ovens

  • Made in USA
  • Replacement for most 1100 series ovens  Not for 1000 series - See 1000 motor below
  • High temp ball bearing design
  • Optional centrifugal switch
  • Includes oval run cap

Origin USA (American Made)

Price: Call  Made in USA

Our Part Number : CTI-L-MB-1100

Replacement Part for CTI369212,

Replacment Lincoln Blower motor 369212

1/3 HP Main Blower for 1000 Lincoln Oven 

  • 220V (see dual voltage motor below)
  • 1/3 HP
  • 1725 RPM
  • CTI Replacement for most 1000, 1400 and 1200 series ovens
  • Replacement for 369800, 369212
  • High temp ball bearing design

Origin  US/ Mexico - Assembled in Mexico

Price: Call

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BM3


1/3HP at 110V or 220V with Optional Centrifugal Switch

Same specification as above except: dual voltage 120V or 220V wiring options and also includes optional centrifugal ignition switch function

Replaces: 369212, 369-800

Our replace for 1000 and 1400 series gas ovens

Origin USA/Mexico (Assembled in Mexico)

Price: Call

Our Part Number : CTI-L-MB

1000 series speed controls . See table on right to see the progression of boards used over the years.

New replacement options for ®Lincoln:
369803 (board)
370216 (speed kit) - starting at $200

New replacement option for Bodine 250 starting at $69

Bodine 250
Part#: 370216, 369803
Bodine 250 for  Lincoln Bodine Motor

369155  Lincoln speed board with tachometer 370216 Lincoln speed board
Mounted in metal frame Tan, clear or yellow board . T+ T- terminals for feedback . Three pin plug for feedback. Several board layouts over the years -
Bodine motor Baldor motor Baldor motor
No Feedback Tach Feedback Hall Feedback
Status: Obsolete Status: Obsolete Status : Current
Original (30+ years ago) CTI Replacement $69 Not recommended - Upgrade to current board instead CTI replacement board: $225
Full Kit: $295

Cybernetics Motor Speed controls for ®Lincoln 1000 and 1100 series Ovens

We have new CTI replacements speed controls for most Lincoln ovens. Price ranging from $69 to $295

Non-feedback control for any DC motor starting at $69 (USA Made)

Hall feedback drive system starting at $250 for plug & play US made board and $295 for plug & play US made kit (includes pot, hall sensor, magnet, hardware and knob) with a two year warranty. Designed and manufactured by CTI.

We have the expertise to help you through the conversion process

We recommend that you stay away from purchasing the old board (part# 369155) or the old matching tach generator (#369823). The tach generator is not a good investment, when you could upgrade to a whole new board and sensor for less money. The old tach design has bearings and brushes (that wear out) and the new design uses magnetic pulse and has no parts to wear out! The tach design was abandoned more than 15 years ago, when every manufacture switched to magnetic speed sensing.. We have 20 years of experience with this system from years of rebuilding both the board and the tach. We stopped rebuilding the tachs, when the new hall system came out. The tach system has always been problematic. Always upgrade to the new style hall system, which has no parts that will ever wear out. If you would rather not purchase our control, spend a little more and purchase a new hall/speed kit from Lincoln.

Call for more information

CTI Replacement speed control for ovens using part #:

Fits oven series: 1000, 1100

 Speed Control Kit for Lincoln Conveyor Ovens

Closed Loop Speed Control Board or Complete Speed Control Kit for Lincoln Ovens Using Closed Loop Control of  DC Motors - Replaces 369803

  • Manufacture : CTI
  • Control Type: Closed loop - Hall feedback 
  • Digital display controls  are also available
  • Over current protection - Fast response - Protects your motor, belt - The output fuse is redundent to the torque limit circuit
  • Board includes on-board Input and output fuses
  • Min/max speed adjust
  • LED error indicators - Debug information for over-current and missing hall signal
  • Designed to works with both old style and new style pots
  • You may purchase the replacement board or complete speed control kit - Kit includes: Speed board, hall sensor, potentiometer, knob, magnet,standoff and hall sensor wiring.
  • Available for 90V and 130V motors
  • Origin: USA

Price: Speed board: $250 or Kit:$295

OEM Lincoln Control board:
370355 or 370417

Fits the popular oven series: 1450

Test or Rebuild Your 1450 Control Board part# 370355, 370417 and Save 80% - 95%

  • Rebuilt 370355 and 370417 control boards.
  • We will also test your board for free (with no obligation). Your oven problem may be caused by an inexpensive external component.
  • New OEM part 370355 is available for $913.

Call for Details

Replacement switch for part#:
369432 (no lite),

Lincoln Carling Switch   369260

Original Manufacture Rocker Switch for ®Lincoln 1000, 1100, 1500 and 1600 series ovens

  • Original Carling Switch - The real original brand - Not an equivalent
  • Electrical Spec: 20A , 277V
  • Fits 7/8" x 1.5" opening
  • ON-OFF
  • DPST
  • Will replace 369432 - without light
  • US mfg. assembled in Mx

Price: $5.90 each

Our Part Number : CTI-L-SW

Replacement circuit breaker for part #:
Spec: 0.4Amp breaker
Fits: 1100 series ovens.

Replacement breaker for part #:
Spec: 0.7Amp breaker
Fits: 1000 series ovens.

E-T-A Circuit breaker for Lincoln Ovens

Circuit Breakers for ŪLincoln 1000 and 1100 Series Ovens -

  • Original Breaker Manufacture
  • Electrical Spec: 0.4A at 250V or 0.7A at 250V
  • Panel Mount
  • Push to Reset
  • Origin: Germany

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BR-0.4 ( Replaces 0.4 amp for 1100 series) Price: $22.00

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BR-0.7 ( Replaces 0.7 amp for 1000 series ) Price: $19.00

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BR-0.5 ( Replaces 0.5 amp) Price: $22.00

Replacement 32" wide belt to replace part #:

Replacement 24" wide belt to replace part #:

Replacment 18" wide belt to replace part#:

 Lincoln Pizza Oven Belt

Click for more info on 1000 series belts

Find other oven belts using the Oven Belt Selection Tool

Conveyor Oven Belting for 1000 and 1100 Series Ovens

  • Non Catch Edging
  • 32 W (31 7/8 ") x 12.5'L Or exactly 32" x 12.5ft. (same price)
  • We stock both the 32" or 31 7/8" (Note: 31 7/8" reduces frame wear) )

Origin USA (American Made)

Full Belt ( 12.5 ft.)

Price: $205

Our Part Number : CTI-L-Belt-32


Also Available 24" belts Our Part Number : CTI-L-Belt-24


Full belt 18"1116 belt replaces 369194 Our Part Number CTI-L-Belt-18-1116

Price:: $160   Full belt (11 ft long) and includes splice clips

Find your belt using the belt selector tool

Cross replacement part for: ®Lincoln #:

369393 Lincoln Ignition Module
Ignition spark Ignitor

Ignition Control Module replacement for many ®Lincoln Ovens

  • Replaces Honeywell# S8660D
  • Replaces Honeywell S8670D
  • For use in most 1000 series ovens
  • 30 Sec Prepurge
  • 15 Sec Ignition Trial time/ Lockout
  • Same form fit
  • Same flame sense

We have been stocking the USA made replacement S8670D for 5 years. This module is a plug and play replacement without any electrical modifications and is preprogrammed with the proper configuration. Specifications are the same as the old Honeywell S8670D above. Similar to module on left, except for new form fit to match Honeywell and same flame sensing option. Call for details.

Made in USA

Price: $91

Our Part Number : CTI-L-IM

Replacement for: Lincoln:

Flame SensorM0416, Y75AS
Flame Sensor - Similar to image above but with straight connector

Flame Sensor Probe for older Johnson Control Ignition Modules

2 pieces per package (price per piece )

Origin USA

Price: call - Specify straight (Lincoln) or right angle (Blodgett) connector

Our Part Number : CTI-L-FS

Cross replacement Part for: ®Lincoln part number:

Fits pizza oven models:

Pilot burner ignitor replacment for Lincoln

Burner Igniter Replacement for many ®Lincoln Ovens

  • Functional Cross: 369076
  • Use in most 1000 and 1400 series ovens
  • Plugs directly into ignition modules (Honeywell/Baso)
  • Made in USA

Price: $45 Made in USA

Our Part Number : CTI-L-PI

Ignition control for 1100 series ovens using part#:

 Hot surface ignitor
Honeywell S89C Hot Surface Ignition
Note: We are now stocking a BASO US product

Baso Hot Surface Ignition Control

  • Ignition Trial Time: 6 Seconds
  • Lockout Timing: 6 Seconds
  • Flame Sense: Single Rod
  • Prepurge: None
  • 100 Percent Shutoff of Gas on Lockout

Download Service Literature Honeywell Hot Surface Control

We sell the Baso direct Cross made in USA

Price: $111

Our Part Number : CTI-L-HSI

CTI Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #:

369398 Lincoln Solenoid Valve
Baso valve 2019 and before
valve for Lincoln
Baso valve after 2019

Gas Valve Replacement for most ®Lincoln Conveyor Ovens

  • Replaces OEM MFG part # H91DA-7
  • 1/2" Nat - LP PSI input/output
  • 120V 60HZ AC    Note: 240V solenoid coil available as seperate component
  • Electrical - 1/4" Terminal
  • No bypass openings

*Warning: NEVER use a solenoid valve that does not match the OEM part number of the solenoid in your oven (without first consulting the manufacture). There are real safety issues with using the wrong solenoid in your oven. Sales will be limited to qualified service companies. Does the phrase above look familiar? It has been on our website for 10+ year. We have not provided any waivers to our copyright.

Price: Call

Our Part Number : CTI-L-SV

Optional Add-On: 240V Coil - Part Number: CTI-L-SV-COIL-240V

Replacement Part for Lincoln#:
Baso G96HGA-4D

LP Kit : Y71GF-4

Gas Valve for Blodgett 5495, 5348,20325

CTI Dual Operator Combination Gas Valve Replacement for many ŪLincoln Conveyor Ovens - Replaces 369529

  • Replaces MFG part # G96HGA-4D Blue or Black
  • Pilot gas outlet is located on the bottom of the valve
  • Natural Gas (LP Kit in Stock)
  • LP Kit:Y71GF-4
  • 1/2 input/output
  • 25V 60HZ AC
  • 1/4 quick connect electrical terminal

*Warning: NEVER use a gas valve that does not match the OEM part number of the valve in the oven

Price: Call

Our Part Number :CTI-L-GV

CTI  replacement part for ŪLincoln#:

Note: LoPro (requires two boards).

We have manufactured this part here in the USA for nearly 20 years.
Yes we still build this part.

Time/Temp Display replacment for 369172
Click for More

Shown without metal enclosure box   Designed to fit  inside your existing metal enclosure box without any changes.

 - Circuit slides into your  existing metal enclosure with no modifications to enclosure or oven. 

- Installation time: 5 to 10 minutes

Our Time/Temperature Display Replacement for ®Lincoln Part# 369172 Save 80%

CTI latest design that replaces more hardware functionality with software. The resulting  product design reduces the component count for a more reliable product.   Manufactured (in the America) since 1999 (first generation) - Replaces 369172, 369704 and 46-1414 with no modifications. This control is a plug-and-play replacement. The circuit slides into the original box without any modifiacations. Replace original display in  minutes. Uses exiisting wiring and the original J type thermocouple (or the included thermocouple) to measure oven temperature. Interfaces with the original photo electric sensor to measure conveyor speed. Our latest design incorporating a fast display update, using our variable filter software. This unit will replace the time/temperature controller found in the 1000 series Impinger ovens built by ŪLincoln. This unit mounts/wires the same as the original display but has a 2 year warranty. The Lo Pro requires 2 displays.

We designed and have manufactured this time & temperature display on site since 1999 (major update in 2011) Our updated circuit design is a complete redesign from previous designs and exceeds original requirements for a smooth but fast response. There are no modifications required for installation (when replacing the original board ).  Slide the board onto the original board rails  and wire exactly the same.

Replaces ®Lincoln# 369172

Plug and Play: Slides into the plastic rails inside the original metal case and wires exactly the same as the original. Replaces both styles of boards. Break-away tabs on the board, allows the board to fit in both sizes of the original metal case.

Includes free J type probe.

We will guide you through the installation and we will make sure the display is fully operational.

Is this board hard to find? We are still manufacturing our board in 2018

There is an aftermarket board ( from China) being sold at 4 x our price !

2 Year Warranty and technical support from a real Engineer. We will support you through your installation and verify your dispkay is operating with even better performance then the original board.

Easy installation: Remove 4 screws on the enclosure lid, slide out the old board, slide in the new board and connect wires exactly the same.... Done - Done.

Origin: USA (Made in USA) - We can/will verify country of origin on all of our products.

2 Year Warranty with full technical support

Note: We are still manufacturing this board in 2021

Price: $270

Our Part Number : CTI-L-TNT

CTI Optical encoder for Lincoln ovens using part#:

Optical Sensor replaces 369290

CTI Optical Speed Sensor for ®Lincoln Ovens

Speed sensor for Time Temperature display used in ®Lincoln 1000 series ovens.

Sometimes listed as obsolete(with no substitute)  but we still manufacure this sensor today.

We have manufactured this part  since 2003  and are still making this part today.

Customer specific options available Including: - Longer leads,  no molex connector (for direct connection to time/temp board), termination with chassis ground or you may define your wire termination options

1 year Warranty

Origin USA (Made in America)

Price: $45 (with $100 order)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-OPTO1

Our Replacement Part for ®Lincoln part #:

Fits Pizza Oven Models :

Impinger II Advantage Series

Temp Display

Temperature Display for ®Lincoln Ovens - Replaces 370073 - In Stock

  • Our original design - In stock or 3 days to build
  • Same mechanical form fit and mounting holes
  • CTI microprocessor based design  
  • Exact form fit and mounting.  Same size  board with  same color red display
  • Switch for Fahrenheit or Celsius display scale
  • Our latest circuit board is  our updated design  with the same form-fit and opreration
  • Supplied with new basic J type thermocouple
  • Add $10 for (whip style) J probe upgrade
  • Also works with original J type probe 
  • 2 year warranty (if kept dry)

Replaces ®Lincoln# 370073

Origin USA (Made by CTI on site)

Price: $250 

Our Part Number : CTI-L-TD

Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #:

Fits oven models:
1100 series,
1300 series,
1600 series,
2500 series

High Limit for Lincoln 357067
High Limit - manual reset

High Limit Thermostat for Oven MFG/ Rebuilders - Also replaces ®Lincoln 357067

  • Manufacture: EGO for CTI
  • Capillary high limit thermostat
  • Meets all requirement of original part
  • Limits to 340C (644F)
  • Manual reset
  • UL VDE Certifications
  • Low cost high limit for new and rebuilt oven
  • Also Replaces Part# 56.13562.900

Origin Germany (Made in Germany)

Price: $35 ( Minimum order $100)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-HL

Replacement Part for ®Lincoln#:

Axial fan replaces 369378

Note: Older image - Our current brand/label is D fan

220V Axial Fan for ®Lincoln Ovens

  • Ball bearings
  • 220V
  • High output
  • UL Certifications
  • 110 CFM
  • Origin - China

Price: $10 each

Our Part Number : CTI-A-FAN-220V

CTI Replacement Part for ŪLincoln part #:

This part is no longer sold by Lincoln.
We still manufacture this product in 2018.

This is a self powered temperature probe/display system.

Analog Gauge for Lincoln 369029
Click for Larger

Analog Temperature Display for ®Lincoln 1000 Series ovens - Replaces #369029

Our analog display replaces the analog display used in older ®Lincoln ovens. This display is an exact mechanical and electrical match for the original display, and saves you 85% off of the MFG list.

Retro Style - Easy to read

Replaces ®Lincoln part# 369029

Discontinued by Lincoln many years ago , but we are still making this part.

Interfaces with J type thermocouple temperature probe (included with display)

Requires no power - Displays temperature using the millivolt potential generated by the probe - Connect only the probe wires (2 wires) There are no other connections required. The matching probe is included and there is nothing else to buy.

Price:$110 each (includes probe)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-MC03703

Basic Temperature Control functionality equivalent excluding form fit to part #:

Fits oven:
1100 series

Function replacement excluding form fit to part#: 369728 Fits oven:
1500 series
1600 series

Temperature Control Replacment

Complete Control ( Top Photo )

User interface ( Bottom Photo )

Download Wiring Diagram / Manual: Analog_Temp_Control (PDF)

Analog Temperature Control -Thermostat

Basic analog temp control. Includes potentiometer with pointer and decal scale. UL and FM certified.

Use this control with original thermocouple or any J type thermocouple ( See J type thermocouples priced from $17 - $35)

Supply voltage: 120VAC or 230VAC

Includes:Circuit board, circuit board mounting frame, 2 feet of connecting cable, potentiometer, knob/pointer and decal scale

Temperature and scale range: 100- 600 Deg F

Adjustable Hysteresis (band gap or temperature swing)

Output: N/O 20 Amp Relay

Basic single function control - Heat on/off

May also be wired as a cool-down control ( Fan on above set point )

Origin USA (Made here)

Price: $110 - Sales limited to qualified service companies

Our Part Number : CTI-L-AT

Replacement Part for ®Lincoln#:

Fits motors with EC motor frame

Spec: 1/4" Square brush
Sold as shown without screw cap

Brushes for Lincoln 369384

CTI Brushes for Lincoln 1000 Motor

0.250" x .250" x .750"

Origin USA

Our replacement is priced as shown

Price: $5.00/each $10/pr with $100 order.

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BRUSH

Replacement Part for ŪLincoln#: 369531,

Licoln time temp display transformer

Time Temperature Transformer for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

  • 115V input, 12.6V output
  • 30 VA
  • 1.9" Height
  • 2.79"t; mounting hole spacing (center to center)
  • Often sold for 4 times our price

Price: $20 each (with $100 order)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-T-12.6

Replacement Part for ŪLincoln#: 369427

Transformer 24V  for Middleby 27170-0017

 24V - 40 VA - Shown with stripped leads


40VA Transformer for ®Lincoln 1100 series Ovens

  • 115V input, 24V output
  • 40 VA
  • Class 2  -  Energy limited
  • Specify any  wire lead termination for $4
  • Highest quality US manufacturer -  Assembled in Mexico

Price: $19 each (with $100 order)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-T-40VA

Replacement Part for ŪLincoln #369012

Fuse Hold

Fuse Holder for ŪLincoln Ovens - Replaces  369012

  • Panel mount
  • Max fuse value: 240V at 30Amp
  •  Use with any AGC fuse value that is less than or equal to 240V 30A
  • Style:3AGC
  • 1/4" Quick Connect terminal (also stocked with solder tabs)
  • UL Listed
  • Manufacture: Littlefuse - Mexico or China

Price: $5 each (with $100 order)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-FH

Replacement Part for ®Lincoln# :

Lincoln Burner Blower Cable

CTI Burner Blower Cable for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

New cable assembly for ®Lincoln 1000 series ovens. Save over 50%.

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: $18 each, 10@$15.00each

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BB-CABLE

Cross Replacement Part for:®Lincoln:#

Use with 46-1414 display

Replacment for 369193 Thermister

CTI Thermistor Probe for ®Lincoln

Thermistor temperature probe for very early model Time and Temperature displays. Use with 46-1414.

Used in ®Lincoln ovens using probe with yellow lead ends

We have manufactured and sold this part since 2007

In stock  2022

Origin USA

Price: $30 (with $100 order) 

Our Part Number : CTI-L-THERMISTER


Replacement Part for ŪLincoln #:

Replacement for part#: 369152 (specify K option)

Replacement for Part 369391 50 ( specify 50K build option)
US mfg. knob replacement for part:

10 Turn Pot 369391 370260

Conveyor Speed Potentiometers for ®Lincoln

  • Ten turn or single turn pot for ®Lincoln ovens.
  • CTI#: POTOLD (For ovens using tach generator).
  • CTI#: POTNEW (For converted ovens without tach generator).
  • Highest quality Spectrol (Honeywell) precision potentiometer - Cable assembly made in USA - manufactured by CTI
  • Options to replace 5K ohm (Lincon3 wire pot) - Single turn or ten turn
  • Options to replace 10K ohm (Lincoln 2 wire pot) - Single turn or ten turn
  • All potentiometers are made using heavy shielded cable and includes a #8 lug for the ground drain wire
  • Also Available: a replacement for part 369391 ( 50K )

When ordering: Specify standard 10 turn or optional single turn.  Default  quick connects terminals but we can also install the molex connector option at no charge

Origin USA (Made in America)

Price: $40 ( All potentiometer options above )

Our Part Number : CTI-L-POT


Add Easy Clean Knob (no fine grooves) for $3 to $4 (3/4", 1.25", or 1.5")

Price: $3- $4 (with $100 order)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-Knob -Size (Specify .75" , 1.25" or 1.5" and silver or black top)

CTI replacement part for ®Lincoln #:

Hall Sensor for Lincoln 369823
Original circuit card with optional metal bracket

Click to See Option# 1: CTI Replacement Board

Hall Speed Sensor for Lincoln  CTI-L-H1
Option #2: CTI integrated speed sensor replacement:
Complete ready to install - Includes: Sensor, hardware, cable and plug

CTI Hall Speed Sensors board to Replace ®Lincoln 369823 $10

Hall effect speed sensor for ŪLincoln ovens. We have both a replacement circuit card or the whole assembly complete with cable.

Option # 1: Circuit board only with CTI's improvments.

Improved mechanical design - Eliminates rubbing of oprtical wheel on sensor circuit board

  • Sensor Backstop - Eliminates problem with sensor bending backwards and eventually breaking
  • Gold Plated connector
  • Improved optical wheel clearance - No optical wheel rubbing
  • 2 year warranty
  • Origin USA (Made in USA) - We will verify origin with a signed statement

Complete Circuit Board: $10

Our Part Number : CTI-L-H1-Card ( In stock)


Option#2: Integrated board, mounting hardware and cable

Includes hardware and 3ft cable with connector ( female 3p Molex )

Improved EMI (noise) rejection -Includes drain (chassis ground)

Ready to install and includes hardware, cable and plug - No moving of hardware from old sensor

2 year warranty

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Complete Assembly (circuit card, hardware and cable) Price: $45

Our Part Number : CTI-L-H1-KIT

Replacement part for optical encoder disk.
Aftermarket cross for ®Lincoln #370261

Optical Wheel

New Product 2017 - In Stock

CTI Optical Encoder Disk Wheel. Aftermarket Replacement

Slotted stainless steel disk for use with optical encoder. Used in many ŪLincoln ovens.

Stainless Steel - Improved design - Higher resiliency ( not foil )

2 year warranty

Price: Out of stock

Free with purchase of speed control kit for Lincoln or time/temperature display for Lincoln

Our Part Number : CTI-L-OPTO-WHEEL

Aftermarket replacement part for: ®Lincoln #:

8 Pole Magnet Replacement for ®Lincoln

1 year warranty

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: $5  Sold only with motor or speed control

Our Part Number : CTI-L-magnet-8

Cross Replacement part for: ®Lincoln #:
Time Delay Relay

time delay relay replacement for Lincoln ovens

Time Delay Relay Replacement for ®Lincoln

  • Time delay - 20 minute cool down relay
  • 120V
  • UL / CE Certified
  • 1 year warranty
  • 2" L x 2" W x .75" D     0.25" center mounting hole

US Manufacture - Assembled in Mexico or China

Price: $30

Our Part Number : CTI-L-TDR

Cross replacement for: ®Lincoln #:
369523, Oven:  1100
4041-1,  Oven: 1450

time delay relay replacement for Lincoln ovens

CTI Motor Relay Replacement for ®Lincoln

  • 120V Coil
  • UL / CE Certified / Approved
  • Contacts 30A
  • 2.7" L x 1.5"W x 1"H
  • Chassis/ Foot Mount
  • Sealed wash tight
  • High power series

Origin: One of the largest US relay manufacturers - Made in China

Price: $22  with $100 minimum   (save 80%)

Our Part Number : CTI-L-Relay-Motor

Cross replacement part for Lincoln ovens using part#:

Fits oven series:
1400, 1600 Burner blowers requiring 220V input without centrifugal switch

 220V Ignition bloewer

CTI 220V Burner Blower (ignition blower)

New 220V combustion blower for conveyor ovens

  • 3000 rpm
  • 50/60 HZ
  • 220 V AC
  • 6"long
  • Ball Bearing design.
  • For ovens without centrifugal switch in blower
  • 2 wire Molex connector (white/black)

May be used in many 1400 and 1600 ®Lincoln ovens

Origin USA (Made in USA)

Price: 110

Our Part Number : CTI-L-BB-220V

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