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Gear Drive Conveyor Motor Replacement for 1100 Series Pizza Ovens - CTI Replacement for ®Lincoln # 369519    

Conveyor Motor Replacement for ®Lincoln#

Our replacement for part#:  4060097, 370061, 2580554, 18832K, 369519

Fits Oven Models:
1100 series: 1100, 1101.1102,1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1116, 1117, 1131,1133, 1134, 1135, 1152,1160,1162, 1163, 1180
Impinger II Gas: 1116, 1117, 1130, 1131,1154, 1155,1161
Pizza Oven gear motor replacment for Lincoln ovens

DC Conveyor Drive Motor replacement for ®Lincoln 1100 Series ovens

  • •  Gear Ratio: 600:1 or 435:1 (limited supply)
  • •  Max Voltage: 130V DC
  • •  Max Current: 0.3 A
  • •  Torq: 40 lb-in A
  • •  Use with a variety of speed controls starting at $72.  Call for details including the option of using the motor with the original speed control.  
Made in USA

You have at least 3 speed control choices with this motor

  • Option:1   Stay with the exisiting Lincoln speed control . This control uses the little  8 pole magnet, hall effect sensor ( feedback). You adjust the speed with the existing potentiometer/knob. We also build a plug-and-play  speed control kit that  includes pot, knob,hall effect feedback for $295
  • Option:2  Use our basic speed control ($72) and potentiometer $40. This control does not use feedback but is accurate enough for most applications.
  • Option:3  Use our digital control with digital display. This control uses hall sensor feedback. You may use the existing Lincoln style hall sensor or a Middleby style hall sensor. Digital control is $250 and the speed sensor is $45

With any choice that you make, we can configure the hall connectors for you. You may use your existing board or one of ours. We have 3 styles of controls that work with this oven system. We can also guide you in setting the control . If you select a digital display then we will help you with the calibration for the correct time .

If your oven uses the stepper drive#: 369490, we can rebuild your stepper control board for $200 or convert your oven to this DC drive motor and multiple drive system options. Call us and a we will help you. No purchase necessary.

Price: $310
Order#: CTI-L-GM18832