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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 05/23/2022

Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC operates: https://www.cyb-tec.com

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information from users of the website.
Summary: Our website does not collect, sell or share personal information.

Our Website Privacy Policies Explained:

Your Data...
  • * We are very serious about privacy. We do not believe ANYONE has any rights to your personal or business information without your permission . Many tech website applications are  a facade for a data collection website.   You have probable heard the saying: "If the web application is free then you are the product".
    There is a watchdog organization's  website, where you can get a privacy score for any website on the internet at:  privacyscore.org    It allows you to enter the name of website  in the white box and then you will need to give it a few minutes to process the the report. The report is very revealing, especially the first 5 category listings.    Note the 2nd list , which lists all of the third party known trackers  having software on the website. The list  reveals who the website is  intentionally partnered with (through software built into their website).       
    The internet search company: Startpage.com has a browser add-on that will provide you a realtime privacy score: See the screenshot of our score

  • * We do not use cookies -  Cookies are used to store data. On some websites it may be used for non evasive data storage purposes, which may be used for their shopping application (if they don't share the data). Read their privacy statement carefully and in most cases you will find that they are sharing your data. If you add script monitoring software to your browser, you will be enlightened to who they are partnering with.    Often unique identifiers are stored in your browser to identify who you are through your user agent and your IP address. A company called Disconnect makes a  browser add-on that lets you control cookies and also see how they are being used. After installing Disconnect, most popup adds will  go away.
  • * We do not use analytics - Analytics are third party software, that is used to track and identify you. It  is very rare for a website not to use analytics, since websites may be rewarded for placing this tracking software on a website.  If you are interested in identifying who is harvesting your data then there are browser add-ons that will help you identify these scripts.  One example being  noscript.net  You will be floored by the amount of third party tracking that is embedded into most websites.
Parts Ordering Software
  • * When you submit an order using our purchase ordering system, there is no data stored. This system is (in effect) identical to sending us an email list of parts that you would like to order. Our ordering software only helps you construct the list that is eventual sent to us as an email when the order is submitted.
Information that We Collect
  • * We do not Save/Store/Sell/Share any data on or through our website.

Offline Information that we Store

  • * Your business shipping / billing information's is obtained through the information that you intentionally  provide to us through phone conversations and emails. This information is entered into our accounting software and is used to process your orders and balance your account. We do not use or share your information for any other purpose. Credit card information is not stored by our company. This information is processed through a credit card processing provider and is stored as encrypted tokens using their PCI compliant/secure software and server. After the credit  card data has been entered into processing provider's system, we are able to view only the last 4 digits of the card along with the expiration date. This application is hosted/operated  and stored on their PCI  compliant/secure/banking server. Our website, server (or any of our office computers) do not store your card data.