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Solenoid black or Blue

Gas Solenoid  Replacement for ®Blodget part 20287,®Blodget M0170,11501, 20287, Baso H91DA-7


Replacement solenoid common to many Blodgett ovens. It can replace ®Blodgett, ®Johnson Control  high flame valves.


Verify current part#: H91DA-7

®Blodgett MT3270E  Oven,
®Blodgett MT3255G Oven,
®Blodgett B48D-GGGG Oven, Gas
®Blodgett DFG-100 Oven, Gas,
®Blodgett DFG-200 Oven, Gas,
®Blodgett GZL Oven Gas
®Blodgett  MG-32 Oven, Gas
®Blodgett MT3270 Oven, Gas
®Blodgett MT2136 Oven, Gas
®Blodgett MT3255 Oven, Gas
®Blodgett  FA Gas
®Blodgett using H91DA-7D

Cross to: 20287 and 11501
Cross to Johnson Control H91DA-7D


Solenoid for Ovens Using Baso or Johnson H91DA-7D
  • UL Recognized, CA
  • Origin USA.
  • Limit pressure  0.5 psi
  • 1/2" I/O
  • Specs:

    Product ID: CTI-B-SV
    Plumbing size: 0.5"
    Gas: Natural or Propane
    Electrical: 1/4" Spade  on Valve
    Bypass: N/A
    Voltage:120V AC
    Origin: Manufactured in US
    Mounting: Upright or 90 deg to upright position 

      Price: $47   Order#: CTI-B-SV

    *Warning: Only use for applications currently using Johnson Control or BASO valves matching the OEM part number of the existing valve. Sales may be limited to qualified service companies.