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CTI Shaft Adaptor Replacement for Middleby# 35000-1013 - For Use In PS Ovens  

 Our Replacement for ® Middleby:
 Drive Shaft Extender and Sprocket  Shaft

Fits Oven Models:
PS360, PS360Q
PS360 WB
Shaft Adapter for  Middleby
CTI Conveyor Shaft Adaptor for ®Midleby Marshall PS360,PS36Q,PS36WB and PS570
  •   •  Inserts into oven drive shaft (#35000-10120, #35000-18640), holds 9 tooth sprocket (#22152-00170) and held into position with shaft collar (#22011-00130)
  •   •  2.66" L x 0.62"W larger dimension and 0.37"W smaller dimension)
  •   •  Quality Stainless Steel (non magnetic)
  •   •  Close tolerance specification and completely automated machining process (to reduce cost)  
  Made in USA   
Price: $6.90 each, 10@ $6 00each   Order#: CTI-M-SA     Made in USA