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  Honeywell Temperature Control Part#: DCBBC-00-3S, Middleby# 47321

All Middleby ovens (except the WOW).  The most common models being: PS360, PS570, PS555,
 PS200, Blodgett 3270.

  • Full Listing:
  • PS360 (all)
  • PS570 (all)
  • PS200 (all)
  • PS555 (all)
  • PS220-R6B,PS220FS
  • PS224, PS224-R68
  • PS314, PS314SB
  • PS520G
  • PS28E, PS528G
  • PS536, PS536ES, PS536GS, PS536GS-RL
  • PS540E, PS540G
  • PS624
  • PS628
  • PS745G
  • PS824
Compatible with all ovens using Honeywel controls with model numbers: DCBBC-00-3S, DCMMC-00-3S, UDC2000 Mini Pro DC20ME-2-000-1A000B-0 and Dialpack analog oven controls 
 Plug and play (no wiring ) to Honeywell control housing shells: UDC2000, UDC2300, DCBBC, DCMMC.   The Honeywell temperature control was the original equipment to the ®Middleby PS pizza ovens for well over 30 years. The first control used in these ovens was the Honeywell Dialpack followed by the Honeywell UDC series (rubber face), followed by the Honeywell DCMMC-00-3S (black face and shell).
DCBBC Temperature Control Front View

Temperature Control Top View
Replacement for DCMMC-00-3S  (47321)
  • •  Interchangeable to  part: DCMMC-00-3S (The same Honeywell made control less the front logo)
  • •   Universal world power supply for input voltage from 90 to 264VAC  50/60HZ single phase (works on all 115VAC and 220-240VAC ovens)
  • •   Replaces On/Off controls and also PID (modulating) controls
  • •   Honeywell was the standard control manufacured for ®Middleby for use in their PS ovens for nearly all of the 30+ years. 
  • •   Note: If  your existing housing is a Honeywell DCMMC, DCBBC, UDC2000 or UDC2300 and the wiring terminals are in good condition, then no wiring is necessary. You may swap the guts of the controls by loosening the front panel screw and removing the old control and plugging in the new control.
  • •   The Honeywell DCBBC-00-3s and the Honeywell DCMMC-003S (®Middleby part# 57321) are the same control (hardware and software). The differnce being the Middleby logo is not on the DCBBC. There is no wiring differences.  Both controls contain the same circuit card/components (hardware) and software. The software used in both controls is Honeywell version: 51309374 Rev:03 before 2011 and Rev 05 after 2011.  Our Engineering requested the software change implemented in Rev 05 in 2011. Honeywell implemented the change for all of their oven controls ( DCBBC and the DCMMC) 
  • •   The DCBBC is also a solution for many other pizza ovens requiring heating, high limit and cool down functions. The heating function can be selected to be either a on/off or a modulating.function
  • •   The DCBBC has been manufactured for Cybernetics tech Industries by Honeywell as a pizza oven controller for over 15 years
  • •  Functional cross with new wiring to ®Blodgett 3329, ®Blodgett 3149
  • •  Backwards compatable to  ®Middleby part#: 75729 (with new wiringl) 
  • •  Note: if you are replacing part#: 47321 then there is no wiring change to install the DCBBC but if you are installing  the Middleby/West Control part#: 75729 then a complete wiring change is required
  • •   May also be used in other brand  ovens using a 1/4 DIN size control and ovens that require one or all of the three functions (heat, high limit and cool down)
  • •   Designed to interface with original BASO solenoid valve or original  Maxitral M520 modulating valve.  Note: This controller  generates the 4 to 20ma current loop interface to the amplifier board.
  • •   We have recommended that you use a shielded thermocouple with these ovens and controls. This information has been on our website for ~ 20 years (and copied)
  • •   Support: Our owner is an Engineer and has detailed technical knowledge of any Honeywell DCBBC (DCMMC) control and will be glad to work with you to solve any issue with your current control or any support required for our control
  • •   Origin:  Honeywell Fort Washington PA USA - Assembled in Mexico
  • •   Honeywell quality with a 1 year warranty
  • •  Note: The photos on our website are photos taken of our products - Several websites are using OEM photos to sell non OEM parts. These parts are often China copies. (Be careful of bait and switch).

  Download Product Service Manual: DCBBC23.pdf


   Order#: CTI-M-UDCBBC    List: $825  Call for price