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Original Style Gear Drive Conveyor Motor Replacement and Version Compatability  ®Middleby PS350, PS360 and PS570 Pizza Ovens   

If your existing motor is a Baldor brand motor and labeled: CTI Proprietary or ® Middleby part# 27384-0008, 46603 :
 Gear motor for Middleby 47796
Image of Baldor motor

Baldor is the most common motor found in these ovens. Baldor was the original style motor for PS350, PS360 PS360WB PS360WB70, PS360EWB and early PS570  ovens.  Manufactured for ®Middleby by Baldor for ~ 20 years and found in almost every PS360 oven.  Manufactured for CTI by Baldor since 2002. This motor is identified by the Baldor name/logo and uses the external speed sensor clamped to the outside of the motor. It is gray in color. Nameplate gear ratio is 1400:1. Most (~90%) motors found in ovens over 4 years old will use this style of motor.

No additional parts required to replace Original Baldor gear motor  with CTI/Baldor motor on right:


Required Modifications: 
No modifications and no extra parts required. Direct conveyor motor replacement for ® Middleby# 273840008 and M46603
CTI Conveyor Drive Motor for ®Middleby Marshall PS360,PS36Q,PS360WB and PS570
008 Gear motor for Middleby PS360 PS570 Pizza Oven
Image of CTI/Baldor motor
Gear motor:
If your existing gear motor is a Bodine  :
Gear motor for Middleby 46603
Image of Bodine motor

This was the second generation motor for PS350, PS360 PS360WB PS360WB70, PS360EWB and early PS570  ovens.  This motor was manufactured for ®Middleby by Bodine for approximately 4 years . The 47796 motor is identified by a silver cap covering the end of the motor that is oposite the gearbox. The nameplate gear ratio is still 1400:1 (so all oven sprockets are still the same). There are 2 sets of wires exiting the motor. The second set of wires originates from the internal speed sensor. This motor is less common and is not often found.
Additional parts required to replace the Bodine gear motor shown on left with the motor on right:
  • •  Hall Speed Sensor: CTI-M-H1
Gear motor for Middleby

Link to Additional Information for Hall Speed Sensor

Hall sensor mounted 008 motor
Image of Speed Sensor Mounted on Gear Motor

Required Midifications:
No modifications required - Bolts into the existing oven frame holes - You will need to add the hall speed sensor kit shown above.
CTI Conveyor Drive Motor for ®Middleby Marshall PS360,PS36Q,PS360WB and PS570
 Belt drive motor for Middleby
Image of CTI/Baldor motor


If you are changing from a Bodine motor ( with the built-in speed sensor), then you will also need to order our external speed sensor (CTI-M-H1).
Gear Motor:
If your existing motor is a textured graycolor and the nameplate mfg is Groschopp:
Middleby motor 66186
Image of Groschopp  brand motor

This motor is identifiable by the printing on the nameplate. You will notice a printed gear ratio spec of 80:1  (Ratio: 80:1) and the printed name brand of Groschopp.  This motor was part of a conversion kit designed to use one motor  and a variety of gears/sprockets and hardware to replace many of the older oven motors. This  kit came out    ~ 3 to 4 years ago and is far less common, when compared to the Baldor gear motor.
To use the CTI gear motor, you will add the hall effect speed sensor (part number CTI-M-H1), 9 tooth sprocket (part number CTI-M-SP9), and 15 tooth sprocket (part number CTI-M-SP15). In effect, you are taking the oven back to its original gear motor. The combined cost of the two sprockets is $19. You will need to call for information on the speed sensor. If the motor was a recent retrofit, then the user may still have the old sprockets and sensor.

Parts required to replace gear motor shown on left with motor on right:
  • Sensor for Conveyor Motor • Hall Speed Sensor: CTI-M-H1
  • Sprocket for Gear motor • Motor Sprocket: CTI-M-SP15
  •  Conveyor drive sprocket • Conveyor Sprocket: CTI-M-SP9
Note: If the motor on the left was installed as a retrofit, then the oven owner may still have the parts from the old motor.
CTI Conveyor Drive Motor for ®Middleby Marshall PS360,PS36Q,PS360WB and PS570
Conveyor motor for Middleby
Image of CTI/Baldor motor
A PS360 or PS570 oven that has been converted to ®Middleby part numbers:66186, can be converted back to a CTI-M-27384-0008 motor with the addition of speed sensor, 9 tooth sprocket and 15 tooth sprocket. 
Gear Motor: l

CTI Conveyor Drive Motor Specifications:

  • •  Baldor was original  gear motor manufacture  used by ®Middleby for ~20 years
  • •  Horsepower : 1/8
  • •  Brush Size : 0.375" x 0.25"
  • •  Color: Gray        
  • •  Gear Ratio: 1400:1
  • •  Max Voltage: 0 - 90V DC
  • •  Accessory shaft: Yes-Tapped for #10 Screw/Magnet
  • •  Weight: 11.5 lbs   (Shipping weight 12 lbs)
  • •  Built for CTI by Baldor since 2002  
  • •  Spec: CTI Proprietary  
  • •  Origin: USA  

Made in USA


Order#: CTI-M-27384-0008