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 CTI  Replacment for 27384-0011, 47797, Proprietary 

Some pre 66186 with 1350:1 motor and original  hardware.




Replacment gear motor PS200 27384-0011

Photo of our motor from 2003 to 2019 - New motor photo coming soon (larger heavy duty motor for 2020)

CTI  Replacement for  Original Gear motor - Part#  27384-0011, 46604  &  47797 - Used in  Middleby PS200 Conveyor Ovens   

New gear drive motor in stock for PS200 series ovens, Extended bake split belt 570 and some 555 ovens. These replace the original motors  (27384-0011) 


  • Mounting bolts located on same plain as the drive shaft

Replaces 47797 with addition of hall sensor: CTI-M-H1.

Origin USA (Made in the USA)


 The CTI gear drive motor is designed to fit in the following ovens:
  • PS200 , PS200-R68, PS200VL
  • PS220, PS220FS, , PS220VL
  • PS224, PS224-R68, PS224VL
  • PS570 Split Belt, PS570S Split belt



 This part is designated and built by Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC in the USA. We do not represent the oven manufacture or its distributors. 

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