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  CTI Part for: ®Middleby#CC: 27170-0070, 22523-0003,

CW: 27170-0070, 22523-0002 


Middleby blower wheel is compatible with the following ovens:
PS360WB (47" oven chamber)



Middleby Blower wheel 27170-002

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ClockWise Wheel Pictured Above



 CTI Main Blower Wheel replacement for ®Middleby PS360 PS350, PS310 Ovens

  • Compatible with PS300, PS310, PS350, and PS360 conveyor ovens.

  • Wheels are made of Stainless

  • These are build up wheels and are not stamped or pressed

  • Each wheel is spun balanced at  rated RPM  

  • Specify which  motor and wheel  you are replacing

    • Top Left wheel  is the same wheel as the Bottom Right  ( # 22523-003  or Counter clockwise )

    •  Top Right  is the same wheel as the Bottom Left   (# 22523-002 Clockwise)

 Manufactured in USA - Note:  non USA wheels have been known to fall apart and can also have balance/vibration problems, which leads to  motor bearings damage.

 Order#: CTI-M-22523-003CC     (For Top Left / Bottom Right blower)

 Order#: CTI-M-22523-002CW     ( For Top Right / Bottom Left blower)

  List $130

 Call for price


 This part is designated and built by Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC in the USA. We do not represent the oven manufacture or its distributors. 

Copyright 1996-2017 Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC. All rights reserved. All images were created and edited by Cybernetics Tech Industries.

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