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Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27170-0263, 97214, 46451

Hall Speed senosr replacment for 46451 - middleby

5 Piece Kit

 CTI Motor Speed Sensor Replacement for ®Middleby 46451

Description : Motor speed feedback sensor designed and manufactured by Cybernetics Tech Industries on site for over 24 years.  This speed sensor may be used with all original Middleby  and CTI motors. The speed kit includes: Sensor, Bracket, Clamp, 4 pole magnet and Pal lock nut. Normally priced as kit. Sensor available separately. When comparing prices, specify either kit or sensor. 

Availability:  We are the US manufacture for this part,  typical stock is 10 + pieces at the start of each day and we have capacity to manufacture 100 pieces within a few days. Replaces:  ®Middleby part#:  97214, 46451


  • Voltage in:   5V DC  - Will work at higher voltages.
  • Cable Length: 3 ft - We can manufactured other lenghts
  • Cable Type: 3 conductor shieled
  • Magnet: Includes 4 pole magnet - 2, 4 and 8 pole magnets are in stock
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Orign: USA (made in USA) - Manufacture on site by CTI


  • Any gear motor requiring hall feedback -  We also have non standard magnets
  • Will replace most Dart speed sensors - Specify number of poles when ordering


Origin USA (Made in the USA)  - Sensor assembly, Metal fab, Clamp, Magnet and Wire -All Made in USA

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Order#: CTI-M-H1



 This part is designed and built by Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC in the USA. Copyright 1996 through current date -  Cybernetics Tech Industries LLC. All rights reserved.

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