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Solenoid black or Blue

CTI Solenoid Valve Replacement for ┬«Lincoln 369398, H91DA-7D 


This is a USA manufactured replacement solenoid valve found in many Lincoln ovens. It can replace ®Lincoln 369398,®Lincoln 369528, ®Lincoln 369271 along with many ®Johnson Control and ® Blodgett solenoid valves for pizza ovens.


Before replacing, verify your valve's part number is: H91DA-7D

®Lincoln 1116  Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 1116-000-A Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 080-A Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 090-A1- Impinger Oven, Gas,
®Lincoln 023B - Impinger  Oven Gas
®Lincoln 1117 - Impinger Oven Gas
®Lincoln 1117-000-A1 Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 1117-000-A  Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 1152 Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 1153 Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 1154 Oven, Gas
®Lincoln 1155 Oven, Gas 
®Lincoln 1156 Imp Adv Conveyor Oven
®Lincoln 1157 - Imp Adv Conveyor Oven
®Lincoln 1158 - Conveyor Oven
®Lincoln 1450 - Conveyor Oven
®Lincoln 1451 - Conveyor Oven
®Lincoln 1600 - Conveyor Oven
®Lincoln 1450 - Impinger Gas
®Lincoln 1451-00Z-UK - Gas
®Lincoln 1456 - Impinger Advantage Gas
®Lincoln 1457 - Impinger Advantage Gas
®Lincoln 1600 - Low Profile Gas
®Lincoln 1600-000-DB - Low Profile Gas, 2
®Lincoln 1601 - Low Profile - Gas
®Lincoln 1601-000-A - Low Profile Gas, 2
®Lincoln 1601-000Z-UK - Low Profile Gas, 2
®Lincoln 1633-000-A - Impinger Conveyor
®Lincoln 1634-000-EA - Impinger  Gas
®Lincoln 1646 - Low Profile - Gas Conveyor
®Lincoln 1647 - Low Profile - Gas Conveyor
®Lincoln 1650 - Low Profile - Gas Conveyor
®Lincoln 1651 - Low Profile - Gas Conveyor
®Lincoln 1652 - Low Profile - Gas Conveyor
®Blodgett using H91DA-7D Replcaes 20287 and 11501
Johnson Control using H91DA-7D


Solenoid for Ovens Using Baso or Johnson H91DA-7D

  • Black or Blue body cover
  • CSA Cert, UL Recognized
  • We have sold this valve since 2007
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Use at pressure up to 0.5 psi
  • Compact size
  • Specs:

    Product ID: CTI-L-SV
    Input output fitting size: 1/2
    Gas type: LP or Natural
    Electrical: Two Tab for 1/4quick connect terminals
    Bypass: none
    Voltage:120V AC
    Origin: USA
    Mounting: May be mounted in any position in a vertical manifold, and in the upright or 90 deg to upright position in a horizontal manifold.

    Typical List: $47 each   Price: Call

    Order#: CTI-L-SV

    *Warning: NEVER use a solenoid valve that does not match the OEM part number of the solenoid in your oven (without first consulting the manufacture). There are real safety issues with using the wrong solenoid in your oven. Sales will be limited to qualified service companies.