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We are a USA manufacture of pizza oven parts and controls and have been in the controls business for over 19 years.  We focus on parts for oven rebuilders and manufactures of ovens.  All parts are new and have a 1-2 year warranty. Most of our controls are manufactured (and engineered) here in the USA and are still  priced below the import knockoffs.  Oven rebuilders save 40-90% on every part on this page.
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The ® symbol designates a registered trademark of the respective company. We design our own products. We do not represent the oven manufacture or its distributors.
  Our Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

31020, 37337, 45133, 28074-0004, 28074-0012, 28074-00180, 42810-0133, 5823, 64149, 37503-(display only)  

May be used in the following models:

 PS360 Series(All)

PS200 Series (All)

PS300 Series (All)

PS570  Series (All)

PS555 Series (All),

Manual Mode for all other conveyor oven brand.


New CTI Digital Speed Controller for ®Middleby Conveyor Ovens

 Order Number: CTI-M-DigSpd

   Our Replacement conveyor motor (gray color) for:


 46603, 27384-0008,


47796 and 50265 (with the addition of the speed sensor below) 

Replaces ®Middleby# 66186 with the addition of sprockets and speed sensor below

Replaces Cybernetics# PROPRIETARY


Gear Drive Motor Replacement (Gray color) for ®Middleby Using 27384-0008 and 47796  - May be used in PS360, PS570 and PS350 Ovens

 Order#: CTI-M-27384-008
  CTI Manufactured Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27170-0263, 97214, 46451  

Motor Speed Sensor replacement for ®Middleby


Order#: CTI-M-H1

   Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27384-0011, 47797,  

Some pre 66186 with 1350:1 motor and original  hardware.


Gear Drive Motor Replacement  for ®Middleby PS200 Conveyor


Order#: CTI-M-0011


  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27384-0011 repair kit,  with 1350:1  

CTI 27384-0011 gear motor repair kit for  use in many PS200 ovens


Order#: CTI-M-0011-Repair-Kit

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27384-0014, 46447,47799  (with addition of speed sensor)  

Gear Drive Motor Replacment for ®MiddlebyPS570 High Speed  Conveyor


Order#: CTI-M-0014

  Replacement for 250 Gear Motor:

Our replacement for: ®Middleby# 51059,        27384-0003



Gear Drive Motor for ®Middleby250 Conveyor Oven


Order#: CTI-M-GM250

Replacement for: 22450-0001


  37816, 22450-0289 (PS360WB)

31417 (PSWB70)

Conveyor Oven Belt Replacement for Middleby Ovens

 Find the belt for your oven using the Conveyor Oven Belt Selection Tool


 32" x 14.5 ft. length belt for 360 ovens

PS360  Belt - Price: $180  

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-32 -360



 32" x 17.5 ft. length belt for 570 ovens

 PS570 Belt Price: $230

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-32 -570


 40"  x  14.5 ft. Belt For PS360WB

 PS360WB Belt - Price: $260

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-WB


 40"  x  17.5 ft. Belt For PS360WB70

 PS360WB70 Belt - Price: $305

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-WB70


 15"  x  17.5 ft. Belt For PS570 Split Belt ovens

 PS570 Split Belt -  Price: $145

 Order#: CTI-M-Belt-15"

  CTI Replacement Part for: Splice Clips or Master links ®Middleby#



Master Link Splice Kits Set - Our replacement part for 42400-0089

Order#: CTI-M-Belt-ML-32

  Our Replacement for: ®Middleby#

36510, 27170-0016  (Note: Relay Only - Does not include wire or adapter terminals)


CTI  Time Delay Relay for ®Middleby Ovens

 Order#: CTI-M-TDR

  ABB Replacement for: ®Middleby# 28041-0008    (110V coil PS360, PS200 570S)  

ABB Contactor Replacement for  ®Middleby Ovens

  Order#: CTI-M-C1   ( 120V coil )  

  Aftermarket Replacement for:

®Middleby:28041-0011  (220V coil)

ABB A12-30-10,   570G/


ABB Contactor Replacement for ®Middleby Ovens

  Order#: CTI-M-C2   ( 220V coil )    

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27161-0005 (PS360 EWB)
 (PS200, PS360,  PS555, PS570)

31501  (PS360EWB,  PS360WB70)

35-605303-111   35-630200-007


Honeywell Ignition Control  Module for ®Middleby Ovens  S8600 

Order#: CTI-M-IM  

 Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27170-0017




Tyco 400-01C02K

Basler BE110920


Fits: PS200,PS360,PS570


Transformer Replacement  for  ®Middleby Ovens

 Order#: CTI-M-T24V

  Ignition cable replacement  for: 27159-0012 AAS39480130 394801-30 39480130

 Ignition Cable Replacement

  Order#: CTI-M-IC 

  Replacement part for:  ®Middleby# 42810-0117, 345A1305 27363-0002, 27363-000,

 Replacement Pilot Igniter for ®Middleby

 Order#: CTI-M-PI

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#28091-0017  

Solenoid Valve Replacement for ®Middleby Ovens 

  Order#: CTI-M-SV  

  CTI emplacement Part for: ®Middleby#  42810-0121

Replaces Honeywell VR8204A21421 


Honeywell Dual Valve Intermittent Pilot Combination Gas Valve replacement for  Most ®Middleby Ovens

  Order#: CTI-M-GV  

  Aftermarket replacement Part for: ®Middleby#  32569

Replaces Honeywell VR8305 Intermittent

 Replacment for gas valve for A.O. Smith water heaters


Honeywell 3/4" Input /Output Dual Valve Intermittent Pilot Combination Gas Valve replacement for  extra Wide Body and WB70 ®Middleby Ovens

  Order#: CTI-M-GV-EWB  

  Replacement Part for: PS360, Decal


Replacement Control Panel Overlay for ®Middleby PS360 Ovens

Order#: CTI-M-DECAL  

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby 273960004   

CTI Heat Slinger for ®Middleby Main Blower Used in PS300, PS350, PS310 and PS360 Ovens

Order#: CTI-M-HS

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#CC: 22523-0003, prev: 27170-0070,

CW: 22523-0002, prev:27170-0069 

Also available: 360WB70 CW #31485 & 360WB70 CCW # 31486  



 CTI Blower Wheels to fit  ®Middleby Ovens  

 Order#: CTI-M-22523-0003CC  

 Order#: CTI-M-22523-0002CW  

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

360WB70 CW #31485 & 360WB70 CCW # 31486 


 Blower Wheels for ®MiddlebyWide Body 70 360WB Pizza Ovens

 Order#: CTI-M-BW-WB70-CC  

Order#: CTI-M-BW-WB70-CW 

 CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby: 27381-0023

Blower motor also available for the following ovens:

360Q ovens: 27381-0054

PS200 1/3HP (short shaft): 27381-0066

PS540,536 1/2HP (short shaft): 44687



Main Blower Replacement for ®Middleby  oven models:  PS300, PS350, PS310 and PS360 - Price: $195 and still made in USA

Order#: CTI-M-MB0023


Blower motor replacement for 360Q ovens with 27381-0054 (blue) motor

Order#: CTI-M-MBQ


 CTI Replacement part for # 27381-0075
used in  360 Wide Body ovens 1/2HP: 



CTI Main Blower for Wide Body 360 (360WB)

Order#: CTI-M-MB-WB

  CTI direct  PS570 blower motor - Replacement for  part#: 27381-0069, 273810069,



 CTI 1HP  Main Blower Motor Replacement for ®Middleby 570 Ovens - Includes Start/Run Caps

 Order#: CTI-M-MB570

  Replacement for part#:  27170-0269(black)
 27170-0270 (silver)

USA Upgrade for:
6FLV3, 2MEC8

CTI Replacment Start and Run Capacitors for PS570 Main Blower Motor

 Order#: CTI-M-MB570-Caps  

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby 31432,

   Main Blower for PS360WB70 and PS360EWB

 Order#: CTI-M-MB-WB70

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby 27381-0066,


Replacemnt for Main Blower for PS200

Order#: CTI-M-MB200

  CTI Replacement for # 62069, NP-23T, 128441 , 22072-0017, 22072-0028, 70126



Pillow Block Bearing for  PS55E, PS555G, PS570, PS760, PS770 and PS870

 Order#: CTI-M-PB570

CTI Replacment for # 22072-0025, 60636 Sealmaster: NPL-10   5/8"shaft

 Replacement also available for 22230-0073, 51077 pulley


 Pillow Block Bearing for  PS200, PS224, PS224, PS540

 Order#: CTI-M-PB200

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

42810-0073, 73287 , 702111803 ,

 27170-0011, Garland 1614706



Replacement Burner Blower Motor for®Middleby part 73287, 27170-0011, 42810-0073 for PS360, PS570 Pizza Ovens Price $80

Order#: CTI-M-BB

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

32195,  71624164


Combustion Motor Replacement for Obsolete older Midco used on ®Middleby 360WB70 and 360EWB -

Order#: CTI-M-BBM-WB70

  Our Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 33984,31450-1.33812-1,28071-0001,28100-0001  

 Thermocouple Temperature Probe Kit Replacment for ®Middleby Pizza Ovens: PS300,350,PS360 and PS570 Ovens

 Order#: CTI-M-TC-J

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#

33985, 338122,




13" Thermocouple Temperature Probe Kit for ®Middleby 200, 220 and 224 Ovens

Order#: CTI-M-TC-J-13

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#33985, 338122,




 Pizza Oven J Type Shielded Thermocouple Wire

Order#: CTI-M-TCJ-100Ft-Wire-Spool

CTI replacement  temperature controls for  most conveyor ovens Including:
Middleby: 47321 for PS360,PS570.PS200
Blodgett 3329, Blodgett 3149,
 UE oven controls, L9696, E3200,
4C-3,36939, 47321,
Honeywell UDC2500, UDC2300 DCBBC-00-3S,DCMMC-00-0B

 Pizza Oven Temperature Controller Replacement for Most Pizza Ovens

  Order: CTI-M-UDCBBC 



  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27392-0002,  ®Blodgett# M2469

 ®Lincoln# 369124, 














Fan Guard/Filter/Cover: 3102458



 110VAC 4.69" x 4.69" x 1.5" Axial Blower Fan 

 Order#: CTI-A-FAN


contact us for information on controllers for restaurant equipment


Fan Finger Guards (Metal )  

Order#:  CTI-A-MG


Fan Guard/Filter/Cover 

Order#: CTI-A-FG

  Replacement Part for:

  ®Lincoln 369378

 ®Middleby# 97525, 22450-0258,




 230VAC 120mm x 120mm x 38 (4.69" x 4.69" x 1.5") Axial  for Conveyor Ovens

 Order#: CTI-A-FAN-230V

  Replacement  fan for:

  ®Middleby# 36451

For use in: PS360EWB, PS360WB70 , PS5206, PS528,PS536PS636,PS540



 Round Axial Fan  230VAC 150mm x 55mm  (6" x  2.2") Replaces the fan found in ®Middleby WB70, PS360EWB

 Order#: CTI-A-FAN-WB70

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 27159-0003  

  CTI Axial Fan Cord with Plug

Order#: CTI-A-Cord-90

  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby#



 Conveyor Pivot Plate Replacement for ®Middleby Ovens

 Order#: CTI-M-CP


 CTI Drive shaft to replace part: 35000-1012  used in Ovens: PS200, PS360, PS540, PS555, PS570, PS670, PS770, PS870


 CTI Conveyor Drive Shaft Replacement   -  Fits PS360, PS200 and PS570 ®Middleby Ovens

 Order#:CTI-M-CDS   ( 32 7/8"L Conveyor Drive Shaft)


CTI Idler shaft to replaces#: 35000-1011 (not shown)


   CTI Conveyor Idler Shaft replacement for  PS360 PS200 and PS570 ®Middleby Ovens

Order#: CTI-M-CIS  (Conveyor Idler Shaft)


 CTI Replacement Wide Body Drive shaft

40" wide ovens

360WB replaces 35000-1864


 CTI Drive Shaft Replacement for PS360WB Ovens

 Order#:CTI-M-CDS-40   (Full 41"L Conveyor Drive Shaft)  


CTI replacement for  Wide Body Idler shaft

40" wide ovens

360WB replaces 35000-1865


 Idler Shaft Replacement for PS360WB Ovens

 Order#:CTI-M-CDS-40   (Full 41"L Conveyor Idler Shaft)  

  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby#

 35000-1013 , 3500-1013


 CTI Conveyor Shaft Adapter replacement for ®Middleby PS Ovens  

 Order#: CTI-M-SA


 Sprocket to replace:




 CTI Sprocket - Replacement for PS360 and 570 Ovens  



 CTI Sprocket to replace ®Middleby:




 CTI Sprocket replacement for  ®Middleby PS360 and 570 Ovens  



 Roller Chain to  replace:




 CTI  #40 Roller Chain for PS360  


  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby#



 Conveyor Bronze Bushing Replacement for ®Middleby PS  Conveyor Ovens

 Order#: CTI-M-CB

  CTI Replacement for:  ®Middleby# 35000-1080



 CTI Conveyor Nylon Washer

 Order#: CTI-M-NW

Our replacment fore part#:  22011-0013,

5/8" Stainless Steel Shaft Collar Replacement

 Order#: CTI-M-SC-China 
 Order#: CTI-M-SC-USA  -

  Our replacement for:  ®Middleby# 35900-0020



  Shaft Support Bracket for use in PS570 and PS536

 Order#: CTI-M-SSB

   Our Replacement for:  ®Middleby# 37000-0413



  Weldment- Idler Tension adjustment  Bracket - L Bracket

 Order#: CTI-M-TA-WM

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#




Gear Drive Motor Shaft Extender. May be used for PS570S 

 Order#: CTI-M-SE

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# M28021-0047, 28021-0047, 63909  

Switch for ®Middleby 360 Service Door


  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# M28021-061, 63910  

Switch for ®Middleby 570 Motor Service Door - Our Replacment for 28021-061 , 63910

Order#: CTI-M-SW-MD

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Middleby#
44696, 44697,

46522, 46521 (nut type)  27060-0012, 27060-0015, 44696, 28021-0062, 28021-0063, 28021-0044, 28021-0048, 28021-0053, 28021-0039,
Graing 4B696,6HN36

 Control Panel Switch Assembly Replacement for ®Middleby


  Our Replacement Part for: Middleby# 28154-0003,

 9 Amp  250V Midget  TM Fuse for Middleby PS 200, 300, 310, 350, and 360 Pizza Ovens

Order#: CTI-M-FLM9

  CTI Replacement Part for: Middleby# 45036 , we also stock replacment for 45037  

  3 Amp or 15 Amp  240V Breaker Replacment for Middleby PS570 Pizza Ovens - CTI Replacment - Cross ref to part# 45036 and 45037

Order#: CTI-M-BR-15   (15 amp)


  CTI replacement for: 36452

Models  PS360EWB,
PS570G PS670,PS770,

   Clinch Nut,  Wing Nut or T Nut 

 Order#: CTI-M-CN

3 conductor Shieled Cable

PS350,  PS360

   3 Conductrr Speed Sensor Cable

 Order#: CTI-M-H1-Cable

 Replacement Part for: CTI Speed Control display

(display only) Use Models: PS360 PS200 PSS300 PSS570  PS555


 Digital Speed Display Replacement

 Order Number: CTI-M-DigSpd-Display

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 3004614, 28082-0010   New 240x480v International Power Transformers  for ®MiddlebyPizza  Ovens

Order#: CTI-M-T253009

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 22450-0052, 

Baldor EB Frame

Baldor: BP5052BP01SP



Baldor Brush Replacement for 22450-0052 used in Baldor PS360 gear motor & CTI Lincoln 1000 motors - Baldor OEM

Order#: CTI-M-0008-Brush

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 45017 Replacement Brush and spring  as shown (does not include screw caps)  

CTI Brushes for Bodine Gear Motor

Size: 0.25"W x  0.180"W x 0.75"L  With $100 order

Order#: CTI-M-Bodine-Brush

  Replacement Part for: ®Middleby# 46658 and ®Lincoln X2

Baldor DC Frame # BP5060BD02SP


Baldor Brushes for original PS200 Gear Motor  - Baldor OEM

Order#: CTI-M-0011-Brush

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369384

 EC Frame - 1/4" Square brush - Sold as shown without screw cap


CTI Brushes for Lincoln 1000 Motor


  Replacement Part for  #MM 30153

 Gear motor brush for:  PS-536, PS-520, PS528

Toastmaster: TC-14, TC-18, TC2000,

CTX: TCO-2114


CTI Brushes for PS536 Oven Motor

Order#: CTI-M-536BRUSH

  CTI Replacement Motor for ®Lincoln #369291,370244, 9002267


  370244 with addition of the CTI-M-SE (shaft extender)





  Speed control   370216


CTI Gear Drive Motor for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

Order#: CTI-L-GM1

Compatible with   ®Lincoln: 369366 369255 and 369265

 7021-10010, 63549-001, 68-1114, 7021-10010,702110010


  Replacement Burner Blower Motor for  ®Lincoln   

 Price: call  (Save 40%  to 55%)       

Order#: CTI-L-BB

  Replacement Part for:

®Lincoln 369519   ®Lincoln 4060097

®L:incoln 370061 , 2580554





Gear Drive Motor Replacment for ®Lincoln 1100 Ovens

Order#: CTI-L-GM18832

  CTI Replacement  for 369131 J type thermocouple used in many:  ®Lincoln ovens. In stock: Our


CTI Thermocouple Flexible Probes   - Found in many ®Lincoln Ovens

 Order#: CTI-L-TCJ   

CTI Replacement Part for  369539, 369-181

 1/10 HP Main Blower  - Our Replacement for  Lincoln 1100 ovens

Order#: CTI-L-MB-1100

  Replacement Part for CTI369212,

 1/3 HP Main Blower for Oven Manufactures and Lincoln Oven Rebuilders

Order#: CTI-L-BM3


 110V  with  Centrifugal Switch

Order#: CTI-L-MB


1000 series speed controls . See table on right to see the progression of  boards used over the years.

New replacement options for ®Lincoln  369803 (board)370216 (kit) starting at $200

  New  replacement option for Bodine 250 starting at $69 


CTI Motor Speed controls for ®Lincoln 1000 and 1100 series Ovens

 CTI Replacement speed control  for ovens using 369803

Fits 1000 1100 ovens

    Closed Loop Speed Control Board or Complete Speeed Control Kit for Lincoln Ovens Using Closed Loop DC Motors
  •  Origin:  USA

    CTI-L-SPD - Speed board  or CTI-L-SpdKit   

OEM Lincoln Control board: 370355 and 370417

Used  in popular 1450 ovens

    Test or Rebuild Your 1450 Control Board part# 370355, 370417

   Call for Details  

Replacement for  369260  

369432(unlit),784408, 3027A8715, 8073580, G03054-2,2194409,11775418528-40


   Rocker Switch for ®Lincoln 1000, 1100, 1500 and 1600 series ovens

 Order#:  CTI-L-SW

Replacement for  370064, 369137 0.4Amp for 1100 series

Replacement for 369154  0.7Amp  for 1000 series 

   Circuit Breakers for ®Lincoln 1000 and 1100 Series Ovens -

 Order#:  CTI-L-BR-0.4 ( Replaces 0.4 amp for 1100 series)  

 Order#:  CTI-L-BR-0.7 ( Replaces 0.7 amp  for 1000 series )   

 Order#:  CTI-L-BR-0.5 ( Replaces 0.5 amp)   

 Our non oem replacement part for: 369362
(32" wide)

 1004593  24" wide

Special price on 24" wide belts

18" 1116 CTI non  OEM replacement for: 369194 full belt: $160


Conveyor Oven Belting for 1000  and 1100 Series Ovens

 Order#: CTI-L-Belt-32



Also Available 24" belts  Order#: CTI-L-Belt-24


Complete 18"1116 belt  replaces 369194 Order# CTI-L-Belt-18-1116 

 Find the belt for your oven using the Oven Belt Selection Tool

  Cross replacement Part for: ®Lincoln# 370396, 369393  

Ignition Control  Module replacement for many ®Lincoln Ovens

       Full Instruction Manual         Wiring Diagram  


  Order#: CTI-L-IM  

Replacment for: Lincoln 369075





 Probe Flame Sensor for Ignition Module above

  Y75 Flame Sense Instructions.pdf

  Order#: CTI-L-FS


  Cross replacement Part for: ®Lincoln# 369076, 4070534

For use in pizza oven models: 1000, 1400

Burner Ignitor Replacement for many ®Lincoln Ovens $45

  Order#: CTI-L-PI  

369532 , Ignition control for 1100 series ovens. S89C1087

Per Honeywell - This module may be functional equivalent to the following (if the lockout, trial and pre-purge times are the same) : S8910U1000, 05-212226-003, 05-212225-003, HQ613090HW, HS780-NL108


 CTI Hot Surface Ignition Control

Download 2010 - 2011 service manual Honeywell Hot Surface Control (PDF)

Order#: CTI-L-HSI

  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln




Gas Valve Replacement for  Many ®Lincoln Conveyor Ovens.

Order#: CTI-L-SV  

  Replacement Part for Lincoln# 369529, 369263,369554, 369555
 Baso G96HGA-4D,

LP Kit : Y71GF-4


CTI Dual Operator Combination Gas Valve Replacement for  Many ®Lincoln Conveyor Ovens

 Order#: CTI-L-GV  

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369172, 369704 for LoPro (requires two boards)


Time/Temperature Display Replacement  for ®Lincoln # 369172 - 1000 series Ovens,  369704 for Lo Pro and older series 46-1414

Order#: CTI-L-TNT


 Price: $225 each

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #370073
Fits Ovens: 1116, 1117, Impinger II Advantage Series

CTI  Temperature Display for ®Lincoln Ovensrigin with signed statement

 Order#: CTI-L-TD

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #357067

Fits models: 1100 series, 1300 series, 1600 series, 2500 seriess

 High Limit Thermostat for  ®Lincoln 

  Order#: CTI-L-HL

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369378  

 220V Axial Fan for ®Lincoln Ovens

 Order#: CTI-A-FAN-220V


  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369029 
Self powered temperature probe/display system

Analog Dial Temperature Display for ®Lincoln 1000 Series

Order#: CTI-L-MC03703

  Basic Temperature Control functionality equivalent
but different in form fit to 369728,


1100 series


1500 series

1600 series



Analog Temperature Control -Thermostat for Lincoln

 Order#: CTI-L-AT

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369384

 EC Frame - 1/4" Square brush - Sold as shown without screw cap


CTI Brushes for Lincoln 1000 Motor


  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #363917

CTI Transformer for Digital Time Temp Display for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

 Order#: CTI-L-T-12.6

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #369012

Fuse Holder for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens

 Order#: CTI-L-FH

  Replacement Part for ®Lincoln #9910286  

CTI Burner Blower Cable for ®Lincoln 1000 series Ovens


  Cross Replacement Part for:®Lincoln# 369193

Use with 46-1414 display


CTI Thermister Probe for ®Lincoln 


  CTI Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln#369290

CTI Optical Speed Sensor Replacment for ®Lincoln

Order#: CTI-L-OPTO1

Replacement Part for ®Lincoln 370260,

Replacment for 369152  List~223
 Replacement for Part 369391 50K
List ~158

  US mfg knob replacement 369429 


CTI Conveyor Speed Potentiometers for ®Lincoln

 Order#: CTI-L-POT


 Order#: CTI-L-Knob -Size  (Specify .75" , 1.25" or 1.5" and silver or black top)  

  Aftermarket Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln#369823. 370040  

CTI Hall Speed Sensors to Replace ®Lincoln

 Option # 1:  Circuit board

  Order#: CTI-L-H1-Card  (Now In stock)



  Option#2:  Integrated board, mounting hardware and cable 

  Order#: CTI-L-H1-KIT


 Replacement Part for Optical Encoder Disk.
Aftermarket Cross  for ®Lincoln #370261

CTI Optical Encoder Disk Wheel. Aftermarket Replacement


  Aftermarket Replacement Part for: ®Lincoln 369822 

8 Pole Magnet Replacement for ®Lincoln

Order#: CTI-L-M8

Cross replacement part for Lincoln ovens using
part# :  369589 in 1400 and 1600 series ovens

Burner blowers requiring 220V input without centrifugal switch


CTI  220V Burner Blower (ignition blower)

 Order#: CTI-L-BB-220V


Adaptor Plate. Replaces Dart drives



CTI Speed Control Adapter plate.  Allows our digital speed control to fit  larger  Blodgett oven cut out

Order#: CTI-B-AP

  Replacement Part for: Blodgett# 20287, 11501

CTI Solenoid Valve Replacement for  Many Blodgett Conveyor Ovens

Order#: CTI-B-SV  

  Replacement Part for Blodgett# M5348, 20325, M5495,
g96hga-19, G96HGA-25 List~205, LP Kit : Y71GF-4


CTI Dual Operator Combination Gas Valve Replacement for  Many Conveyor Ovens

Order#: CTI-B-GV  

  Our replacement part for ®Blodgett# M2378, M10099 full kit ~1520,
STRM3127 , 42810-0118 .





CTI Gear Motor for ®Blodgett Conveyor Ovens: 3270 & 3870, MG3270,MG32, MG

Order#: CTI-B-GM3


  Replacement Part for ®Blodgett#M3149

CTI Temperature Controller for ®Blodgett Conveyor Oven

Order#: CTI-B-T1

  Replacement Part for Blodgett computers. ®Blodgett# M10049

CTI Matrix Keypad for  ®Blodgett Computer Module


  Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett# M7880, M6474, M5635, FW525 & FW525S  

CTI Computer Module  for ®Blodgett Ovens

Order#: CTI-B-58320



  Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett:  M7427,M3354

CTI Thermister (RTD) Probe for ®Blodgett Ovens

Order#: CTI-B-RTD

 Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett




CTI Main Blower for ®Blodgett MG32 & made in USA

Order#: CTI-M-MB-MG

  Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett#

M4224, M4225, M4597, M4598, M3742


CTI  Blower Motor for ®Blodgett MT3270 and 3870 Ovens

Order#: CTI-B-BM2   


  Non OEM Replacement Part for: ®Blodgett# M1054

Blodgett convection DFG-100  DFG-200


®Garland, Older PS350 with ®Midco Burner,Older ®Lincoln 1000


Cross Replacement for Johnson Control  G770 MGA-2 Ignition Module used by ®Blodgett

     Order#: CTI-B-IM   


  Replacment for:


 BL18256 probe flame sensing

100  Y75A


MG32 MT3870, MG3270

Lincoln 369075


 Probe Flame Sensor for Ignition Module above

  Order#: CTI-B-FS

 Replacment Pilot Burners: J987DDW, M272, M6398, R4551
Lincoln: 369076, 4070534



Pilot Ignitor for some ®Blodgett and ®Lincoln Ovens

  Order#: CTI-B-PI

  Replacment fo: BLTM1r0545







CTI Control Panel Switch Assembly for Blodgett Conveyor Ovens



  Replaces Part#:  L3516TM

CTI Main Blower Motor for XLT Oven

Order#: CTI-X-L3516TM

End XLT 



This burner blower motor  is commonly found in many pizza oven applications.

 Used by oven rebuilders for over 18 years

  May also be used as a aftermarket replacement for Blodgett and Lincoln pizza ovens


  Fasco Ignition Burner Blower Motor - Nameplate #702111665 

Order#: CTI-B-BB-120V

  Replacement Part for



Honeywell S8610U3009 Universal Intermittent Pilot Control


Order#: CTI-U-IM - Origin Mexico


  Replacement control for

Bodine 250, Blodgett, KB KBIC, Minarik  MM23001, Dart 125DVC-K PS250 part# 28074-0022  

Can be used for many applications including:: Conveyors, Older Blodgett, Middleby and Lincoln conveyor ovens, Bagel machines.



Basic Non Feedback DC Speed Control

Order#: CTI-B-DC

7.5uf 370V 70C Capacitor

Free Round Motor Run Capacitor

Order#: CTI-C-7.5-370-70

Similar Functionality
 to Part # 369507
requires  form fit mod

 160 Degrees F Cool-down Switch

 Order#: CTI-L-A-Switch-160

  Also Available 357107
 List~ 18

 Fuse Holder  20A/30A 

 Order#: CTI-L-FH


 7.5uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor

 Order#: CTI-C-7.5-370-85  - Specify height  S/M/L

Universal  Replacement Part # Blodgett 23077, 1162080,2009383,4A2128-01,1162080,00-445591,

Blodgett DFG100, Garland, Imperial, Vulcan,




 10 uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor Replaces Blodgett 23077

 Order#: CTI-C-10-370-85  - Specify height  2.88"

Universal  Replacement Part  for 4uf motor run capacitor replaces
Carter Hoffman, Loren Cook

 4 uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor Replaces

 Order#: CTI-C-10-370-85  - Specify height  2.88"

Universal  Replacement Part Genteq # 97F6684



 12.5 uf Oval Motor Run Capacitor - Genteq

 Order#: CTI-C-12.5-440V  - Note: These are double normal physical size

 12.5 mfd (standard physical size)  

 Order#: CTI-C-12.5-370  -  

Universal Replacement Part for ®Middleby, ®Blodgett, ®Lincoln







CTI Basic J Type Thermocouple for Conveyor Ovens

Order#: CTI-TCJ-7-72

  Replacement for: Most Dual  J type thermocouple.
CTI Replacment for ®Middleby M3151



Dual Element Dual Junction  Thermocouple

Order#: CTI-B-TC-JD

  Replacement Part for: ®Pitco#



Temperature Sensor Probes for ®Pitco Fryers /Timers

Order#: CTI-F-B6700601-C

  Replacement Part for: ®Fast#



CTI Temperature Sensor Probes for ®Fast Fryers /Timers


  Replacement Part for: ®Fast#



 CTI Temperature Sensor Probes for ®Fastron Fryers /Timers

  R8, R8Z, R82RS, R8ZZ,R8-2RS  

Bearings for 360 Gear motor CTI-M-27384-0008

 R8ZZ-C    Ceramic ball  -  Metal side shields.   - .

SR8-2RS-CTI CTI Proprietary development for this motor.Special bearing not available anywhere else. - Use this bearing in the sensor end of the motor.

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