Replacement for ®Middleby# 47796  Gear Motor: $300 Single Piece,  4@$285

Middleby drive motor for 360 oven replaces 47796 

The CTI Gear motor is the original motor used in most PS350 and PS360 ovens for nearly 20 years.  Replace all drive motor used in PS360,  PS570 and PS555 conveyor ovens  


  ®Middleby Marshall  47796
  ®Middleby Marshall  27384-0008
  ®Middleby Marshall  46603
  ®Middleby Marshall  50265
  ®Middleby Marshall  27384-008
  ®Middleby Marshall  66186
 CTI  Proprietary


  Manufacture: Baldor
  Product ID: CTI-M-27384-0008
  Origin: USA
  Description: DC Motor
  Motor Voltage:  0-90V DC
  Motor HP: 1/8HP
  Current: 0.68 Amp
  Ratio: 1400:1
  Warranty: 1 year per date code
  Weight:  11.2 lb (shipping 12lbs)
  Price:$300 each, 4@$285 each, 8@call


  • Large Brushes for longer life
  • Heavy duty 11.2 lbs
  • Higher torq - Heavy duty gearbox
  • Use with removeable/replaceable speed  sensor
    1. Replace 46603, 27384-0008 without additional parts
    2. Replace Bodine 47796 and 50265  with the addition of CTI-M-H1 (hall sensor)
    3. Replace 66186 (Grols universal )  by adding CTI-SP9, CTI-M-SP15 (sprockets) and CTI-M-H1 (speed sensor)
    Call and talk to our product engineer. We can help with any conveyor/motor/speed problem
  • Works with the Following Ovens:

  •  PS300
  •  PS350
  •  PS360,360Q
  •  PS570S,PS570G
  •  PS555